Monday, 29 November 2010

Babbling Randomness

The title says it all. This will most probably be a place where I will babel incoherently about all manor of subjects, probably to no-one in particular. 
My name is Thomas, I'm 24 and I work as a Butcher (its a living, beats welfare!). I'm from Northern Ireland with one brother and two sisters, I'm the oldest, thus the leader :) and I have a girlfriend (no, really I do!). I have wide and varied interests and if I manage to keep this blog going you may find out what some of those are. =) 
At the time of writing this my main goal is to save enough money to go to Australia to do the whole backpacker/tourist/worker thing.

Hot Beverages
(Rocking with the randomness already)

Until recently my limit per day of hot drinks would be 2 cups of whatever, be it tea, coffee or indeed hot chocolate. I just didn't have the urge for anymore than that. One in the morning, to help wake up and one in the evening to relax with, but in the last month I've been having upwards of five a day.

It goes like this, 1st thing in the morn, mid-morning, lunch-time, one before I finish work and then one after I finish and perhaps another before bed.

I've finally figured out why this is. I gave up coffee for a year or more and have only recently started drinking it again. Thus I've become an ADDICT. It seems my brain missed the boost that it got from caffeine and now with a taste for it again takes every opportunity to get its fix. =) Its also possible that the cold weather has something to do with it!


I just frikkin love the stuff. Looking at it, playing in it and even driving in it is fun. It makes for some good photos too. I tried to build a snowman but the snow wouldn't stick together for me =(. I had a hat,scarf,coal and carrot all ready to go as well. We only got a little snow this time round, about 4 inches. Hopefully this is just a trial run for X-mas.

That's a start anyway. Babbling: Check, Randomness: Check. All good.