Wednesday, 1 December 2010

American TV

I don't plan to update this often, but because this is a new toy the novelty hasn't worn off yet! So onward we trundle through the minefield that is my conscious/sub-conscious and at times unconscious.

I love American TV, but why is it they can produce such high quality entertainment compared to the British? I got thinking this today when I was wondering which one of my shows was on tonite. (turns out it was SGU and Fringe).

In my humble opinion I guess it boils down to a few main points.

  • There are more Americans - With a larger audience more advertisements get seen and thus more money  is generated for the production of said shows. With these high revenues, companies can pull in the big names they need to make the shows work. This also means stealing the good actors/directors/writers from the U.K. hindering our abilities. 
  • They have a whole micro economy built around it and they have a culture based on it - Its viewed as a legitimate business thus goin to uni to study film and media is seen as a viable career. This in turn churns out 100's of writers a year coming up with story lines that British TV just cant match.
  • Hell, having all the cast in these show being sexy probably helps as well!
Even saying all this there is always exceptions, Red dwarf, QI, Being Human, Top Gear, Celebrity Juiced, Rab C. Nesbitt and (I'll say it quietly, I'm partial to a bit of shameless...Shhh!). This may seem a lot but compared to the American shows that i follow this is nothing.

Americans also do a good remake as well. I disliked the British version of The Office but think the American one is hilarious. A show that's screaming out for an over the pond remake is Doctor Who. Although better than average i think the Yanks could do the show justice with their big budgets and their sexy people! I cant help but think if the 2 countries could find a way to work together on shows they would be frikken amazing.

That's my lot for this rant. Who knows what the next post will be, because i haven't got a clue.

These are the two shows that started it all! Since then it has evolved to a good 50 or more!


yobble42 said...

You missed out Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes!

Kylie G said...

And Lost
And Bones
And Lie to Me
And Eureka
And Warehouse 13
And Scrubs
And Desperate Housewives
And Glee
And Parenthood