Saturday, 4 December 2010

I am the Stig!

Whatever snow we had, has now turned to ice. Meaning that any of the roads that go unsalted, are as smooth and slippery as bottles. This may sound bad but trust me its actually the opposite.

Icy road + car + machoness = handbrake turns. (N.B Machoness not actual word...)

So off I went to some abandoned roads to do my thing, some slides here a couple of turns there or Diffing as we manly types call it. All's good, I get my half hour of fun in, think to myself I've pushed my luck enough and head home. So obviously this day of testosterone fuelled tomfoolery had built my confidence up and on the commute back from work the next day I was at it again.
   Like last time it's all going well, right up to the last corner that is. Literally 100 yards from my front door and BAM! Too fast and too hard, and I slide sideways onto a grass embankment where I got well and truly stuck. No damage done except to my pride. Front wheel was spinning on the grass, back wheel was spinning on a sewer grating, I was going nowhere.
   In the end up I had to swallow that broken pride and ask the neighbour for help. We managed to get it free with a push. It wasn't until the next day i realised I now have a big ol' dent where we had been pushing it. So consider this small but important lesson learned.

Christmas is a coming, Christmas is a coming....Coca Cola. Do Do DO DO DO Do DO DO Do DO!


Kylie G said...

You shouldn'ta been doing silly stuff....thats dangerous :O

"Holidays are coming, holidays are coming"
How can u not know them ads :O


yobble42 said...

I thought you may have learned from your previous 'driving' exploits? :p