Thursday, 3 February 2011

Mr Yasi you really blow!

Im not usually one for jumping on the social bandwagon but those guys in Australia are a dam hardy bunch! Must be due to the little bit of Irish blood they have in them =)

It seems at the time of blogging that they've come through Cyclone Yasi with zero fatalities. Yup you read correctly, zero! When you think about it they where just hit with a cat 5 hurricane with windspeeds topping 180mph. Thats powerful enough to rip roofs from houses and send almost anything hurtling through the air as a missile. So its amazing to think that nobody was killed.

Its hard to put into perspective how big a cat5 is, but I found a pic to help you relise.

(That picture also makes me wonder how the U.K is one of the most powerful countries but that's a blog for another time.)

The ol' Ozzies from the east coast are having a hard time of late, with the recent flooding they sustained not 6 weeks ago, which only adds to amazement of their recent dramas.

I've often been told that they have such a laid back attitude and nothing says it more that this pic right here.

It was only a Cat 5 mate! No need to stress.

They already had a huge mess to clean up, but now they have an enormous one. It's OK though because I've popped my mother on a plane with a sizeable supply of yellow gloves, brillo pads and a brush. I'll see you in a few months, please have the place cleaned up :)

The other big news is what's happening in Egypt, or to give it its full title The Arab Republic of Egypt. I hope it all works out for them but the way their going about bringing down their government ,while effective is highly destructive. Underneath the honourable intentions there's always gonna be the ones who see it as an opportunity for all sorts of evil doings. They looted the Cairo museum, practically destroying 2 mummies. It's one thing to bring down their government another entirely to bring down their history. Its a far cry from the peaceful serene scenes we see on the discovery channel!

Just so the Americans don't feel left out, their having a bit of trouble with some snow!

Till next time.....Peace