Thursday, 31 March 2011

Boys and their toys: The phone saga.

So I can't let March go out without one last blog, It seems that I've found a rhythm... Maybe!

I love Tech, but who doesn't these days. Specifically I love mobile phones, cell phones if your American and Handies if your German. Crazy Germans!

I have a fondness for this piece of tech specifically because it illustrates how fast tech can advance and how innovative we can be as a species. I'm so fond, that I like to update my phone on a regular basis, usually annually. Weather it be out of necessity because I wreck em or purely because I covet the newest, bestest and nicest one and not simply because the big companies brainwashing is advertisements are working.

As you've probably guessed, yes, I have recently purchased a new to me phone. "New to me" as in eBay.

But before I babble about my new gizmo let me bring you up to speed on my ex-phones.

#1 Way back in 97/98 my 1st ever brick phone was a Motorola something or other. Its best feature was SMS texting not even a colour screen, Barbaric!

#2,3,4 Nokia Blah! Blah! Blah!. I rattled through a fair few nokias in my time. They where cheap to buy cus they where cheaply made. Only good thing was snake.

#5 Nokia N-Gage. Now this was a huge leap forward in mobiles. Not only did it play MP3's it played proper games too. You would put an actual game cartridge in the thing, kinda like a gameboy only way cooler. This was also one of the 1st Symbian phones. I still price em on ebay sometimes, I might buy one someday just for a play. It worked great as a game console not so hot on the phone part tho.

The best looking phone. Ever!
#6 N-Gage QD.  Ahh! Now this was a phone.  Much improved over its predecessor, much better graphics and speakers on it where OFF DA HOOK! It had everything that you needed, (well for back in 2006 anyway) Good Camera, Video recording and it could access the Internet on 3G/HDPA/Edge, so basically everywhere you went you would get coverage for calls and data. God I miss this phone.

#7 NEC N900IG. Bit low on funds when the QD packed up so I got this thing. This was my 1st flip phone and it only had a camera, 1.3 MP. Shocking! Free Internet kinda made up for the crappyness of it. Incidentally was my last flip phone. It died when I snapped the fucker in twain.

#8 Sony Ericsson Walkman w810i. Even remember the numbers after this one because it was epic. why you ask, because it just was. SONY....WALKMAN...what else was needed. This is the phone that I had the longest. 18 months is the standing record.

#9 Sony Ericsson Walkman w660. #8's little brother, only used for 3 months.

#10 Nokia N95. The double slider. Slide one way for keypad, slide the other way for dedicated media buttons. Good screen even better camera (8MP Carl Zeiss Lens) Played every file type except AVI which is the most popular video file on the planet. I will still never work out why. Sometimes Nokia are just stupid. Also had Symbian V3`, Much improved on the N-Gage

#11 LG Viewty. My 1st TOUCHSCREEN. Again one of those big leaps in tech specs. Twas amazing, no buttons. So you didn't accidentally dial granny and keep her on the line for ages, while you went about your business. Had to use silly stylus.

#12 Sony Ericsson Satio. Mega camera, 12MP. 3.5" touchscreen, Symbian V5. Need I say more.

And now to the most recent. Lucky #13

Isn't it purdy!
My newest toy is the Sony Xperia X10.

This is actually the same age as the Satio but when it came out it cost about £500. This meant that its hardware was top notch. (still is). It's an Android phone, and originally ran v1.6 (Cupcake) but it was quickly updated to v2.0( Eclair) because it could handle it. It's now getting a new update to Android 2.3.3 (gingerbread), the same OS that the google Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy S are running. These are the really new high-end spec phones costing £350 second hand. The fact that the X10 can run gingerbread proves how good the phone was when it was realesed. This is one of the reason I chose it.

Who knows what my next upgrade will be. A year from now and we will have phones with pico-projectors and the ability to solar charge via their flexible screens. Ones that are basically your credit card, ones that are connected into TV's and cars almost like a remote. Things that haven't even been thought of yet.

I do apologize for this very long winded post but I do have an affinity for this tech and I had to do it justice.

Till next time...Peace!

Saturday, 26 March 2011

The only thing wrong with Toy Story was......**updated

This guy! 

I am by no means a scaredy cat. I can deal with all the usual stuff, you know like spiders, rats, bugs, heights and buttons. Yes you read correctly BUTTONS! some peoples hang-ups are just plain weird! Its called koumpounophobia. OK so slightly of topic there, but there are things that creep me the hell out. These wouldn't be classed as phobias they just make me uncomfortable.

This post is inspired by a conversation with my girlfriend. You see one of the things that weird me out are Gollywoggs. Somehow the chat came round to the fact that they scare me creep me out and she proceeded to take the piss, but only very slightly though cus shes not mean.

The thing is im surrounded by the f*cking things. <----She has one living on her bed (Masie) and my Ma has one living on her bed (Al). ---->

So pretty much everywhere I go I see them >:( and moving to the other side of the world isn't going to help either. Im quoting here "I'll be gettin mine a partner in Oz...Thomas will have to travel with it too :O"  So caring!

There used to be a TV show on the telly called Spitting Image, it was a political/celebrity  satire thing with puppets. I can look at pics of those golly dolls and have even gone as far as putting 2 pics up but I will not for love nor money be gracing these pages with images of them fucking creepy, sole-less  and down right straight out of hell puppets. You can google pictures of them yourself cus I ain't! I got shivers running down my spine now...

I've just been searching for other pictures and came across ones from the movie Chuckie and dam near fell of my bed.

Another is those cabbage patch dolls, they look like little Zombies just biding there time till the can get at your ankles.

Clowns are a funny one for me, some freak me out and some don't. Ronald McDonald was always one that give me the heebie jeebies. It doesn't stop me from eating his burgers tho. Come to think of it his whole clan are freaky. Even Burger king is getting in on the creepyness with their new mascot the Burger "KING" or what ever he's called. Basically with clowns, if they look like the one from Steven Kings "It" I'm outta there.

Writing about all these things had brought me to as realisation. It's the faces. They don't have emotions, well nothing beyond what they have been set with and for some unknown reason that just makes me uncomfortable. I don't know what they are thinking or plotting and I have no defense against that.

Then there is people who take it to a whole different level

I shall still sleep tonite, no worries there but I will have a knife close by just incase Masie and Co decide to make there move...

**Some fecker is takin the piss in my house!!! I opened the linen cupboard and what do I see staring at me...

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Chirp Chirp Chirp!

So...I finally reached one of the big milestones in life.

That's right.....100 tweets. (not what you where thinking of? HUH!? Why, what where you thinking?) I came to the 99th last nite and thought to myself I shall have to make 100 a good'n. Something insightful, intellectual, world changing or witty. Perhaps all four combined. So I stopped myself short and didn't retweet that "@LordStewie" joke just so I could have a little time to think what it was gonna be.

But me being me, and me being Irish, I ended up tweeting some shite about the weather. Not even remembering that it was gonna be my 100th. C'est la vie.

Now I'll have to wait till my 1000th comes around. The 200th or even 500th just doesn't have the same sense of achievement to it. Considering it's taking me 2 years to get this far, I guess that'll be sometime around 2029. If we make it that far that is, cus apparently the world could be ending! <---clicky

Oh!,That joke you ask?

"I used to have a life, then I found Twitter!"

Irony isn't the word. Not only did I complain about my faux pas on twitter, I am now doing it here too.

I'm not quite sure who runs the LordStewie account but he comes out with some crackers. Visit him here.!/LordStewie and while your there follow me too.!/ThomasMcCool

Till next time...Peace

Monday, 21 March 2011

Eating out.

Short and sweet post. ( a cousin to simple dudes Half Assed Weekend post)

10 reason why I like eating out.

1)Gives you reason to get all dressed up and look good. Well as good as what Primark level clothes can. :)

2)Its good to try new things. Sure ma's homemade Lasagne is the best, but it doesn't hurt to develop your palette. You never know you might discover some new amazing flavour that you didn't know existed.

3)Following on from #2, it can spark ideas for what to try and cook yourself.

4)When the food's good, the craic is good, it's nice just to hang out with friends and not sit in front of the TV scoffing.

5)It's good just to get out of the routine that daily life has a way of enforcing on us. Change of scenery = a change of mood.

6)The food that you get at restaurants can be (most likely to be) fresher than the crap that you can get at the supermarkets. Especially if they source local produce. Fresher = healthier, so you wont feel so guilty when you tuck into that butterscotch sundae.

7)Your helping to keep the economy going and keeping someone in a job. See, all this eating out is not totally selfish.

8)You feel all warm and fuzzy inside because someone is waiting on you hand and foot. Taking care of you as it were.

9) There are no dishes to be done at the end.

10)The epic sleep that comes after a fantastic meal. In my opinion this could be the one and only reason to eat out.

and Yes! I was eating out last nite. YOKO Chinese noodle bar, one of the nicest restaurants I've been to.

check this guy out...he's some american dude, who is actually quite entertaining. 

Edit: D'OH! How could I forget. Till next time...Peace! 
(just so you know, i'm not a hippy but still, Peace out dude!)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Do animals commit suicide???

I ask this not because I've been playing Lemmings but because of 2 incidents that happend to me this week.

While driving home from work on Tuesday, I had to take a detour because there was a hullabaloo further up the road, It turns out a tractor had spilled it load. The detour road is one that is extremely windy, full of sharp turns with a few hills for good measure. It was on one of these hilly corners that my 1st "incident" occurred.

As I came round a dog just casually strolled out in front of me, so I slammed on the brakes and after a bit of cursing, revered the car a little so I could straighten up. This is when I noticed the dog just sitting in the middle of the road, staring at me willfully, almost daring me to slam the throttle down and just get it over with. I kid you not, thats the look that this big black lab was giving me. Of course I didn't oblige, I slowly crawled the car up to him and beeped the horn, this freaked him out and he bolted. Never to be seen again.

Incident 2 has a similar theme to it. Driving home from work (yup! Im always workin), when this time its a big majestic cock Pheasant that walks out in front of me. Again brakes are slammed, curses are cursed and horns are beeped. Difference this time is the fucker isn't afraid of the horn. So I nudge the car right up to it and he stays put. Eventually I had to get out to it and shoe him out the road (read kicked him over the hedge). Alas I did see this guy again and he has had his wish fulfilled by someone else. :(

It seems my local wildlife are all depressed, maybe I should think about spiking the local water source with Valium.

After a little research on the topic my head hurts. It seems this question diverges into all sorts of philosophical and religious questions, the kind of meaning of life questions that not really any one can answer. So to answer my own question it seems that nobody knows for sure.

As I wrote this, I was reminded of a dead Squirrel I seen in the woods a few weeks back. It seemed to me that the branch it had been running on had broken and when they both fell the branch hit the Squirrel and knocked it out, cus the fluffy little guy was under the branch 2 feet sticking out like the Witch from wizard of Oz. It seems even the Grim Reaper has a sense of humor. I did take a pic but the post is somber enough without visual aids.

I do apologize if your now depressed.

This should cheer you right up!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

St. Paddys....

When I think of it, I've never really celebrated St.Patricks day. Well not the way that it should be celebrated by a person from Ireland. 

Primarily this holiday is for Catholics, but protestants get in on the action too after all its just another excuse to get drunk.

If memory serves, I did celebrate it once when I was either 18 or 19. When I say celebrate I mean it, at some point I remember I may have been sleeping under a bush until I was woken by a friend and I do clearly remember the hangover...ahhh! its all coming back now.

I'm not a big drinker, and probably will never be but on this occasion for whatever reason I threw caution to the wind and went for it. At 18/19 I would have still been in touch with most of my friends from school and this meant that there was a fair few of us on the rip that evening. This was pre-camera phone days so there is no evidence of this night, apart from the shared memories of course.

It went something like this;
Few drinks at a friends house --->pub-crawl ---> stopping to laugh @ the leprechauns --->sleep under a bush ---> taxi to said friends house ---> few more drinks ---> and then the worst sleep of my life. 

Mainly due to the fact I had to sleep on a Duvet! ;) in a bathroom, which when I think of it was actually a smart idea. As previously stated, I am not a big drinker so having a toilet bowl close at hand was a good thing.

This year as per previous years, I will not be going out to the bars because I gotta work but I will be raising a glass to one of the few people who can make the 2 sides of Ireland come together and get on for a few hours.

"May your glass be ever full.
May the roof over your head be always strong.
And may you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you're dead."

Here's a very apt. Youtube video.... Happy St.Patricks day!

Till next time...Peace!

Friday, 4 March 2011

No sleep and too much caffine make Thomas Something, Something....Go crazy? Dont mind If I do!!!!

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C.Clarke

I heard this quote years ago, not sure where to be honest but it always makes me think every time it pops into my head. That time is usually when I am trying to get to sleep after to much coffee and by to much I mean about 3 cups lol. I'm very sensitive to the stuff.

Imagine you could travel back in time. What would the people from the past make of todays technology? (Thinking like the 1600's here)

If you showed them an iPod it would probably scare the crap outta them. Not because its a little box that plays music but because of the music it was playing. One line of Lady GaGa and you'd be strung up to hang for being in league with a Witch. The same thing would happen with a video camera. You'd take a short video of some people and show it back to them and they would think that you've stolen there sole and then proceed to stone you to death for being a wizard.
  Even something that wasn't electronically based would still get you noticed. A cigarette lighter would instantly make you a God in there eyes. Flicking your thumb and out pop's fire at you beck and call. Then they drown you to death because your the god of fire, obviously.

I see a common theme emerging here :)

Then what if instead of going back to show off you could go back to key dates in history and help them along a little. Maybe give Fleming a heads up about penicillin a few years before he accidentally discovers it or stop Abraham Lincoln from being assassinated or even letting surgeons know about germs before they kill thousands without realizing its them that was doing it.

The problem with this is that by the time you've finished "helping" you've probably fucked up the timeline. When you got home your life might be totally different. eg. What if after you saved lincoln he decided that Uniting the states wasn't enough and invaded Britain to add them to a new empire (I know, I know highly unlikely but its just a hypothetical remember). That means we could all be Americans :O

So the conclusion that I've come to (other than the one that I'm crazy) is that if it where possible time travel, I don't think it would be a very good idea. It would just be too dangerous.

If you think I am crazy just watch the movie Timecop, it'll prob explain what I'm trying to say a lot clearer than my ramblings.

Other things on my mind....

I turned 25 this week. Or as one person said to me "Fuck sake thats half way to Thirty". Umm..... ok thats wrong but I know what your getting at, Dane Ya wee bastard! 
It turns out your never too old for a novelty birthday cake tho. Someone has obviously been reading my blog because I got a "I am the Stig" cake. ROLF!

I also got some Ozzie dollars for my trip (its getting closer!). They are very pretty monies! Compared to Sterling, they are very colorful, funky, smaller and they've got little plastic windows. :)

I am also going to see the script preform at the Odyssey arena, this coming Tuesday. This isn't a birthday present to me its actually a x-mas present from me to Kylie. I am surprised that I haven't managed to lose my ticket as well. Should be good craic. (Mental note: Must get souvenir mug! and perhaps a T-shirt). 
   That day also happens to be pancake Tuesday (if your orange) or Shrove Tuesday (if your green!). I'll be orange for this day, Shrove tastes horrible...Bleughhhh! Then the day after is a funny one, Ash Wednesday. Thats the day you can tell who's Catholic because of the Nuns stubbing their cigarettes out on their foreheads.

That seems to be all the mentleness out of my brain for another while anyway.

Till next time...Peace!

P.S Just realized it took 2 hours to write this...I have the attention span of a.........