Thursday, 31 March 2011

Boys and their toys: The phone saga.

So I can't let March go out without one last blog, It seems that I've found a rhythm... Maybe!

I love Tech, but who doesn't these days. Specifically I love mobile phones, cell phones if your American and Handies if your German. Crazy Germans!

I have a fondness for this piece of tech specifically because it illustrates how fast tech can advance and how innovative we can be as a species. I'm so fond, that I like to update my phone on a regular basis, usually annually. Weather it be out of necessity because I wreck em or purely because I covet the newest, bestest and nicest one and not simply because the big companies brainwashing is advertisements are working.

As you've probably guessed, yes, I have recently purchased a new to me phone. "New to me" as in eBay.

But before I babble about my new gizmo let me bring you up to speed on my ex-phones.

#1 Way back in 97/98 my 1st ever brick phone was a Motorola something or other. Its best feature was SMS texting not even a colour screen, Barbaric!

#2,3,4 Nokia Blah! Blah! Blah!. I rattled through a fair few nokias in my time. They where cheap to buy cus they where cheaply made. Only good thing was snake.

#5 Nokia N-Gage. Now this was a huge leap forward in mobiles. Not only did it play MP3's it played proper games too. You would put an actual game cartridge in the thing, kinda like a gameboy only way cooler. This was also one of the 1st Symbian phones. I still price em on ebay sometimes, I might buy one someday just for a play. It worked great as a game console not so hot on the phone part tho.

The best looking phone. Ever!
#6 N-Gage QD.  Ahh! Now this was a phone.  Much improved over its predecessor, much better graphics and speakers on it where OFF DA HOOK! It had everything that you needed, (well for back in 2006 anyway) Good Camera, Video recording and it could access the Internet on 3G/HDPA/Edge, so basically everywhere you went you would get coverage for calls and data. God I miss this phone.

#7 NEC N900IG. Bit low on funds when the QD packed up so I got this thing. This was my 1st flip phone and it only had a camera, 1.3 MP. Shocking! Free Internet kinda made up for the crappyness of it. Incidentally was my last flip phone. It died when I snapped the fucker in twain.

#8 Sony Ericsson Walkman w810i. Even remember the numbers after this one because it was epic. why you ask, because it just was. SONY....WALKMAN...what else was needed. This is the phone that I had the longest. 18 months is the standing record.

#9 Sony Ericsson Walkman w660. #8's little brother, only used for 3 months.

#10 Nokia N95. The double slider. Slide one way for keypad, slide the other way for dedicated media buttons. Good screen even better camera (8MP Carl Zeiss Lens) Played every file type except AVI which is the most popular video file on the planet. I will still never work out why. Sometimes Nokia are just stupid. Also had Symbian V3`, Much improved on the N-Gage

#11 LG Viewty. My 1st TOUCHSCREEN. Again one of those big leaps in tech specs. Twas amazing, no buttons. So you didn't accidentally dial granny and keep her on the line for ages, while you went about your business. Had to use silly stylus.

#12 Sony Ericsson Satio. Mega camera, 12MP. 3.5" touchscreen, Symbian V5. Need I say more.

And now to the most recent. Lucky #13

Isn't it purdy!
My newest toy is the Sony Xperia X10.

This is actually the same age as the Satio but when it came out it cost about £500. This meant that its hardware was top notch. (still is). It's an Android phone, and originally ran v1.6 (Cupcake) but it was quickly updated to v2.0( Eclair) because it could handle it. It's now getting a new update to Android 2.3.3 (gingerbread), the same OS that the google Nexus S and Samsung Galaxy S are running. These are the really new high-end spec phones costing £350 second hand. The fact that the X10 can run gingerbread proves how good the phone was when it was realesed. This is one of the reason I chose it.

Who knows what my next upgrade will be. A year from now and we will have phones with pico-projectors and the ability to solar charge via their flexible screens. Ones that are basically your credit card, ones that are connected into TV's and cars almost like a remote. Things that haven't even been thought of yet.

I do apologize for this very long winded post but I do have an affinity for this tech and I had to do it justice.

Till next time...Peace!