Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Chirp Chirp Chirp!

So...I finally reached one of the big milestones in life.

That's right.....100 tweets. (not what you where thinking of? HUH!? Why, what where you thinking?) I came to the 99th last nite and thought to myself I shall have to make 100 a good'n. Something insightful, intellectual, world changing or witty. Perhaps all four combined. So I stopped myself short and didn't retweet that "@LordStewie" joke just so I could have a little time to think what it was gonna be.

But me being me, and me being Irish, I ended up tweeting some shite about the weather. Not even remembering that it was gonna be my 100th. C'est la vie.

Now I'll have to wait till my 1000th comes around. The 200th or even 500th just doesn't have the same sense of achievement to it. Considering it's taking me 2 years to get this far, I guess that'll be sometime around 2029. If we make it that far that is, cus apparently the world could be ending! <---clicky

Oh!,That joke you ask?

"I used to have a life, then I found Twitter!"

Irony isn't the word. Not only did I complain about my faux pas on twitter, I am now doing it here too.

I'm not quite sure who runs the LordStewie account but he comes out with some crackers. Visit him here.!/LordStewie and while your there follow me too.!/ThomasMcCool

Till next time...Peace


Kylie Gilchrist said...


ThomasMcCool said...

I think if you look a bit closer it says clicky. hahahahahah. eejit.

Kylie Gilchrist said...

:O lmao
Font change :P

ThomasMcCool said...

I'm second guessing my decision of making you my official spellchecker. :)