Monday, 21 March 2011

Eating out.

Short and sweet post. ( a cousin to simple dudes Half Assed Weekend post)

10 reason why I like eating out.

1)Gives you reason to get all dressed up and look good. Well as good as what Primark level clothes can. :)

2)Its good to try new things. Sure ma's homemade Lasagne is the best, but it doesn't hurt to develop your palette. You never know you might discover some new amazing flavour that you didn't know existed.

3)Following on from #2, it can spark ideas for what to try and cook yourself.

4)When the food's good, the craic is good, it's nice just to hang out with friends and not sit in front of the TV scoffing.

5)It's good just to get out of the routine that daily life has a way of enforcing on us. Change of scenery = a change of mood.

6)The food that you get at restaurants can be (most likely to be) fresher than the crap that you can get at the supermarkets. Especially if they source local produce. Fresher = healthier, so you wont feel so guilty when you tuck into that butterscotch sundae.

7)Your helping to keep the economy going and keeping someone in a job. See, all this eating out is not totally selfish.

8)You feel all warm and fuzzy inside because someone is waiting on you hand and foot. Taking care of you as it were.

9) There are no dishes to be done at the end.

10)The epic sleep that comes after a fantastic meal. In my opinion this could be the one and only reason to eat out.

and Yes! I was eating out last nite. YOKO Chinese noodle bar, one of the nicest restaurants I've been to.

check this guy out...he's some american dude, who is actually quite entertaining. 

Edit: D'OH! How could I forget. Till next time...Peace! 
(just so you know, i'm not a hippy but still, Peace out dude!)