Friday, 4 March 2011

No sleep and too much caffine make Thomas Something, Something....Go crazy? Dont mind If I do!!!!

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C.Clarke

I heard this quote years ago, not sure where to be honest but it always makes me think every time it pops into my head. That time is usually when I am trying to get to sleep after to much coffee and by to much I mean about 3 cups lol. I'm very sensitive to the stuff.

Imagine you could travel back in time. What would the people from the past make of todays technology? (Thinking like the 1600's here)

If you showed them an iPod it would probably scare the crap outta them. Not because its a little box that plays music but because of the music it was playing. One line of Lady GaGa and you'd be strung up to hang for being in league with a Witch. The same thing would happen with a video camera. You'd take a short video of some people and show it back to them and they would think that you've stolen there sole and then proceed to stone you to death for being a wizard.
  Even something that wasn't electronically based would still get you noticed. A cigarette lighter would instantly make you a God in there eyes. Flicking your thumb and out pop's fire at you beck and call. Then they drown you to death because your the god of fire, obviously.

I see a common theme emerging here :)

Then what if instead of going back to show off you could go back to key dates in history and help them along a little. Maybe give Fleming a heads up about penicillin a few years before he accidentally discovers it or stop Abraham Lincoln from being assassinated or even letting surgeons know about germs before they kill thousands without realizing its them that was doing it.

The problem with this is that by the time you've finished "helping" you've probably fucked up the timeline. When you got home your life might be totally different. eg. What if after you saved lincoln he decided that Uniting the states wasn't enough and invaded Britain to add them to a new empire (I know, I know highly unlikely but its just a hypothetical remember). That means we could all be Americans :O

So the conclusion that I've come to (other than the one that I'm crazy) is that if it where possible time travel, I don't think it would be a very good idea. It would just be too dangerous.

If you think I am crazy just watch the movie Timecop, it'll prob explain what I'm trying to say a lot clearer than my ramblings.

Other things on my mind....

I turned 25 this week. Or as one person said to me "Fuck sake thats half way to Thirty". Umm..... ok thats wrong but I know what your getting at, Dane Ya wee bastard! 
It turns out your never too old for a novelty birthday cake tho. Someone has obviously been reading my blog because I got a "I am the Stig" cake. ROLF!

I also got some Ozzie dollars for my trip (its getting closer!). They are very pretty monies! Compared to Sterling, they are very colorful, funky, smaller and they've got little plastic windows. :)

I am also going to see the script preform at the Odyssey arena, this coming Tuesday. This isn't a birthday present to me its actually a x-mas present from me to Kylie. I am surprised that I haven't managed to lose my ticket as well. Should be good craic. (Mental note: Must get souvenir mug! and perhaps a T-shirt). 
   That day also happens to be pancake Tuesday (if your orange) or Shrove Tuesday (if your green!). I'll be orange for this day, Shrove tastes horrible...Bleughhhh! Then the day after is a funny one, Ash Wednesday. Thats the day you can tell who's Catholic because of the Nuns stubbing their cigarettes out on their foreheads.

That seems to be all the mentleness out of my brain for another while anyway.

Till next time...Peace!

P.S Just realized it took 2 hours to write this...I have the attention span of a.........


Kylie Gilchrist said...


Ok, this was interesting and would be awesome, but you prob wouldn't want to change the course of would be bad... like Eureka :D

Wouldn't you like to do it though! Even for a day, and then everything return to how it was after...would be exciting... :P

ThomasMcCool said...

Inspired by Bill & Ted and more recently Eureka and Fringe.
It would be cool just to be at some of the key points in history, just as an observer in disguise. I'd like to have been around on the day that Darwins Origin of the Species was published. To see the public outcry that it caused at the time. Then I'd try and meet him just to say, "Dont worry lad, you've pretty much nailed it on the head" Chillax dude. Churches are crazy! Or I'd go back and peek thru the window when Thomas Edison switched on that lightbulb. Wot bout you what would you like to witness 1st hand?
Technically time travel is possible, not according to my calculations of course but Steven Hawkings. So we could already have observers walking about and we dont even know...:O