Saturday, 26 March 2011

The only thing wrong with Toy Story was......**updated

This guy! 

I am by no means a scaredy cat. I can deal with all the usual stuff, you know like spiders, rats, bugs, heights and buttons. Yes you read correctly BUTTONS! some peoples hang-ups are just plain weird! Its called koumpounophobia. OK so slightly of topic there, but there are things that creep me the hell out. These wouldn't be classed as phobias they just make me uncomfortable.

This post is inspired by a conversation with my girlfriend. You see one of the things that weird me out are Gollywoggs. Somehow the chat came round to the fact that they scare me creep me out and she proceeded to take the piss, but only very slightly though cus shes not mean.

The thing is im surrounded by the f*cking things. <----She has one living on her bed (Masie) and my Ma has one living on her bed (Al). ---->

So pretty much everywhere I go I see them >:( and moving to the other side of the world isn't going to help either. Im quoting here "I'll be gettin mine a partner in Oz...Thomas will have to travel with it too :O"  So caring!

There used to be a TV show on the telly called Spitting Image, it was a political/celebrity  satire thing with puppets. I can look at pics of those golly dolls and have even gone as far as putting 2 pics up but I will not for love nor money be gracing these pages with images of them fucking creepy, sole-less  and down right straight out of hell puppets. You can google pictures of them yourself cus I ain't! I got shivers running down my spine now...

I've just been searching for other pictures and came across ones from the movie Chuckie and dam near fell of my bed.

Another is those cabbage patch dolls, they look like little Zombies just biding there time till the can get at your ankles.

Clowns are a funny one for me, some freak me out and some don't. Ronald McDonald was always one that give me the heebie jeebies. It doesn't stop me from eating his burgers tho. Come to think of it his whole clan are freaky. Even Burger king is getting in on the creepyness with their new mascot the Burger "KING" or what ever he's called. Basically with clowns, if they look like the one from Steven Kings "It" I'm outta there.

Writing about all these things had brought me to as realisation. It's the faces. They don't have emotions, well nothing beyond what they have been set with and for some unknown reason that just makes me uncomfortable. I don't know what they are thinking or plotting and I have no defense against that.

Then there is people who take it to a whole different level

I shall still sleep tonite, no worries there but I will have a knife close by just incase Masie and Co decide to make there move...

**Some fecker is takin the piss in my house!!! I opened the linen cupboard and what do I see staring at me...


Kylie Gilchrist said...

Dawww... I just jumped in there with the golliwog thing when you mentioned it :D
Yes, Maurice will be purchased in Oz so he will be Maisies companion when we return. After all, they match!

I can't believe you freaked out at Chucky. Come on, he is so funny, have you not seen the films? If thats the case, you wouldn't like the little baby he has in one :P

I dont mind the dolls, but I dont like puppets and defo not clowns...I can barely stretch to Ronald McDonald. Im coulrophobic, so clowns, puppets...most things with a painted face...OUT!

I was brave enough to do this, though I feel sick and may have accidentally made mess (joke)...

Rachel said...

Damn you Kylie! I looke at link and it scared the hell out of me. Since the circus was in town I asked Katy about it and she said I've never liked clowns. Apparently she took me to the circus once and I screamed the place down when a clown came over.

I also don't like people who dress up as mascots and things and try to hug me. I just don't know what they might be thinking while they're inside Barney's head!