Sunday, 17 April 2011

The answer is no....

No sooner had I published my last post did I hear the result of that boxing match.

Went six rounds until dudey got split, the ringside doc jumped in the ring and stopped the match. Khan won on points.

Ten of my hard earned bucks down the drain. I've decided that I shall not be betting ever again. It's a waste of time, effort and of course money.

If I get the urge again, I shall donate it to Charity or use it for something sensible. Like a Starbucks coffee...

Till next time...Peace!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Khan my lucky streak last???

Since my last foray into betting went so well I've giving it another go.

As I type there is a big fight night happening, that's boxing to you and me. You see a local boxer is taking a shot at the WBA world title against Amir Khan. Khan has sucessfully defended this title 4 times, so this puts the odds of "Dudey" winning sky high. 

So I thought to myself, maybe I still got a bit of that luck in me and waged a tenner in Dudey's favour. If he comes through I'll be up £50 and if not my foray into the betting world will come to and end. Its only worth doing it if you win everytime...right?

Was supposed to go to the bar and watch it on the big screen but I'm shattered. Took the GF's advice and stayed in. Glad I did too, because even this blog is a chore to write.

Last blog I mentioned that I went to a charity night at a local restaurant. Well it was a brilliant night. Not only did we all help to raise some funds for a good cause we all had a bit o' craic as well. The highlight being Helium fueled karoke.

It seems I'm not the only one who can't resist sucking on a helium balloon and blasting out a tune. There is video evidence of the crime but it ain't going on here.

My Australia trip is starting to take shape. We went rucksack shopping last week and after 10 mins in an outdoor shop and 1/2 hour "consultation" in KFC decided we would just order them from eBay. Also handed in my notice at work, so its official now :O at the minute I'm feeling a mixture of excitement/nervousness/happyness but totally up for it....woooooooo!!!!

Monday, 11 April 2011

My Lucky Saturday.....

If I had anymore luck last Saturday, I'd be shitting horse shoes! Ω

You see the Grand National was on Saturday past and it's really the only time of year that I or my family would bet. We each put up a few quid and then choose a few horses, I go for the ones that are silly sounding or the one with extremely long odds. 200/1 has gotta come in some year I reckon and when it does...cha-ching.

Lucky Thing #1 - While in the bookies putting the bet on, I noticed a tenner laying on the floor. So I nodded to my sis, who swiftly swept it up and pocketed it. Basically the Starbucks was free of charge.

#2 - Yup one of the bets came up, £2 on a 14/1.....Not a life changing sum but hey, beggers can't be choosers.

Then sat nite I went to a fundraising event for the Alzheimers Society, which was organised and hosted buy my ladyfriends cousin. (more bout this next time). This is where more of the luck kicked in.

#3 - Won a 1.5L bottle of Vodka buy throwing my £1 coin the closest to the bottle, in fairness tho I had about 5 goes at it, and now that I think about it maybe a little of this luck was down to Kylie, she gave it the "Vegas kiss of luck" 2 secs before I chucked it.

#4 - Also won a meal voucher in the raffle....

#5 - You can count this or not, I found 20p at the end of the nite too.... :P

So all in all a pretty lucky day for me.

My only question now is, why the hell didn't I do the lottery?.....Duh!

Till next time...Peace!

P.S. After 9 days off, I'm back to work tomorrow :( so the blog frequency shall drop back to normal.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

content and relaxed.......


Yup thats what I'm feeling today. I am currently sitting in the beautiful Irish sun, and yup it does exist. My doggies are running about, music is blaring and am wearing no socks :) a 1st for the year. The hope is I can get a little colour on my pasty skin before we get to Oz.....which is mere weeks away. :O / :)

I was at the girlfriends last nite for her Birthday Party, even though her Birthday isn't till today. We had made a deal not to buy each other presents because we are both saving hard. So instead we went out for a joint b/day dinner and split the bill, we are so grown up :)

but me being a man, and apparently we lack the power to listen, I went ahead anyways. Well after a little advice from a new friend, I did in fact buy her a pressie, it wasn't anything super expensive but now she has a little keepsake for the event. 

Another dog has just arrived in the garden and the trio are making it dam near impossible to type.

If you are wondering why there have been so many posts this week, well I am off work on holidays.

Till next time...Peace!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Recession....What recession?

I'll tell you something, the recession bypassed my town. My home town has a population of about 15,000 people and they all must eat out. In the last year alone we've had loads of new shops open.
  • Subway
  • Cafe Piazza/ Starbucks
  • The Classic restaurant
  • Buddha take out bar
  • Milkshake bar
  • Glens Butchers
and on top of all that the council developed and built a £4 Million civic centre. It has an auditorium, conference rooms, dance studio and loads of workshop rooms. Basically the full works. It goes to show that maybe you shouldn't listen to everything that the news stations broadcast.

My hope is that it keeps developing and growing to the point where it gets an actual full blown cinema built. My wish is that McDonald's stays away, it'll bring the tone of the place down. :)

That's the new civic centre. Nice, isn't it.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Take the little bonuses where you can get them...

I wish it was like this....I really do!
This is just a short blog to dispel the myth that has been circulating that I am pampered now that I'm back living at home.

Just to bring you up to speed a little. I had been living away from home for the past 3 years. A year with my uncle and 2 years just me and my bro. Also I suppose you can count the 2 years that I was at uni too. So 5 in total. Anyways me and my bro where asked to move out of our last house and at that time I only had 6 months to go before I leave for Oz, I decided the best course of action was to move back home.

Now, when I moved in I told my mother NOT to be doing anything for me, after all I had been getting on fine out by myself and tbh she has adhered to my request , mostly.

YES! she brings me tea. 1st it was wee random cups of tea, then it was tea with biscuits. I let this slide because one, I like tea and two, she drinks about 10 cups a day, so whats the harm in having her bring me a cup just one of those times....?

NO! She doesn't always make my dinner. The only time I let her make me dinner is on a Sunday because that's a dinner that is awesome! The rest of the time I'll fix myself or have left overs when I get home from work.

YES! She does do my washing but that amounts to about 1/2 a basket a week. My bro landed the other day with a full basket for her and he doesn't even live here! Sheshhhh!

NO! She doesn't clean my room. I keep it tidy! and I make my bed 5/7 days a week!

It's a fairly balanced existence with me doing whats needed when its needed and taking the little bonuses when they become available.

and when I get to Australia??? Well I'd like to thing it'll be like when I was at uni, where a woman would come in and vacuum and tidy the place! but I know different life is hard and I gotta do my part. Besides, it'll not just be me there ;) This time I'll be living with someone who will actually chip in, unlike when I was living with he bro.

Till next time... Peace!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

I'm an alcoholic slut...!

As with most of my blog topics they hit me while I'm brushing the floor at work. I got to thinking " What type of people blog" and the simple answer after a little research, seems to be; every type of person. From people like me who do it as a sort of diary/outlet for the crazyness to people who do it as a full time job and then theres everything in between. 

I found this little article that breaks it down I would class myself as a Journal/Hobby/Review blogger in that order. I like to use this as a place tot get some of the stuff that rattles about my brain OUT! I have no intentions of going pro ever! Well I lie, just a little. If the opportunity arose to write about technology/science I'd prob give it a go.

The latest guesstimates from Technorati suggest there are upwards of 500million blogs. (I seen it in there somewhere, its a big report) and what surprised me most is the fact that 2/3's are male. I just assumed that women would do this more, only because its kind of a natural extension to keeping an actual physical diary. Which boys/men don't seem to do. I never have.

***I just stopped 1/2 way through here to have my Sunday dinner, nom.nom.nom...Sleepy now...but onwards we trundle**

As with everything else in the world Americans do it the most...

but that's because there are more of em and they have better access to t'internet.

I also found this website Just type in your blog addy and it'll analyze its contents, It's analysis of me was fairly accurate but i didn't like the picture it gave me... For one its a girl and two it makes me look like an alcoholic hooker...which i'm neither of. :)

It seems that my style of blog is the type that is read the least and tbh I'm ok with that. Sure I want people to read this but not absolutely everybody. If I wanted more readers I would blog about tech or boobies or even technological boobies :O 
Other stuff that's happening.

Mothers Day.
Usually I take her out for dinner but this year I'm broke saving hard. So this year she got;

  • 3 Books
  • 3pk Paint Brushes
  • Window squeegy cleaner thingy
  • a hug!

The books had women on the covers and where written by women. So lets hope that the combination of those 2 factors leads to books she likes.  She wanted the middle 2 items, so I was happy to oblige. Oh and the hug, well that was free.

This is a great site, basically you list your interests and it finds websites tailored to them. It has already produced some funky and interesting places. Such as this, have a look they are hilarious.

That seems to be it so, Till next time...Peace!