Thursday, 7 April 2011

content and relaxed.......


Yup thats what I'm feeling today. I am currently sitting in the beautiful Irish sun, and yup it does exist. My doggies are running about, music is blaring and am wearing no socks :) a 1st for the year. The hope is I can get a little colour on my pasty skin before we get to Oz.....which is mere weeks away. :O / :)

I was at the girlfriends last nite for her Birthday Party, even though her Birthday isn't till today. We had made a deal not to buy each other presents because we are both saving hard. So instead we went out for a joint b/day dinner and split the bill, we are so grown up :)

but me being a man, and apparently we lack the power to listen, I went ahead anyways. Well after a little advice from a new friend, I did in fact buy her a pressie, it wasn't anything super expensive but now she has a little keepsake for the event. 

Another dog has just arrived in the garden and the trio are making it dam near impossible to type.

If you are wondering why there have been so many posts this week, well I am off work on holidays.

Till next time...Peace!