Saturday, 16 April 2011

Khan my lucky streak last???

Since my last foray into betting went so well I've giving it another go.

As I type there is a big fight night happening, that's boxing to you and me. You see a local boxer is taking a shot at the WBA world title against Amir Khan. Khan has sucessfully defended this title 4 times, so this puts the odds of "Dudey" winning sky high. 

So I thought to myself, maybe I still got a bit of that luck in me and waged a tenner in Dudey's favour. If he comes through I'll be up £50 and if not my foray into the betting world will come to and end. Its only worth doing it if you win everytime...right?

Was supposed to go to the bar and watch it on the big screen but I'm shattered. Took the GF's advice and stayed in. Glad I did too, because even this blog is a chore to write.

Last blog I mentioned that I went to a charity night at a local restaurant. Well it was a brilliant night. Not only did we all help to raise some funds for a good cause we all had a bit o' craic as well. The highlight being Helium fueled karoke.

It seems I'm not the only one who can't resist sucking on a helium balloon and blasting out a tune. There is video evidence of the crime but it ain't going on here.

My Australia trip is starting to take shape. We went rucksack shopping last week and after 10 mins in an outdoor shop and 1/2 hour "consultation" in KFC decided we would just order them from eBay. Also handed in my notice at work, so its official now :O at the minute I'm feeling a mixture of excitement/nervousness/happyness but totally up for it....woooooooo!!!!