Monday, 11 April 2011

My Lucky Saturday.....

If I had anymore luck last Saturday, I'd be shitting horse shoes! Ω

You see the Grand National was on Saturday past and it's really the only time of year that I or my family would bet. We each put up a few quid and then choose a few horses, I go for the ones that are silly sounding or the one with extremely long odds. 200/1 has gotta come in some year I reckon and when it does...cha-ching.

Lucky Thing #1 - While in the bookies putting the bet on, I noticed a tenner laying on the floor. So I nodded to my sis, who swiftly swept it up and pocketed it. Basically the Starbucks was free of charge.

#2 - Yup one of the bets came up, £2 on a 14/1.....Not a life changing sum but hey, beggers can't be choosers.

Then sat nite I went to a fundraising event for the Alzheimers Society, which was organised and hosted buy my ladyfriends cousin. (more bout this next time). This is where more of the luck kicked in.

#3 - Won a 1.5L bottle of Vodka buy throwing my £1 coin the closest to the bottle, in fairness tho I had about 5 goes at it, and now that I think about it maybe a little of this luck was down to Kylie, she gave it the "Vegas kiss of luck" 2 secs before I chucked it.

#4 - Also won a meal voucher in the raffle....

#5 - You can count this or not, I found 20p at the end of the nite too.... :P

So all in all a pretty lucky day for me.

My only question now is, why the hell didn't I do the lottery?.....Duh!

Till next time...Peace!

P.S. After 9 days off, I'm back to work tomorrow :( so the blog frequency shall drop back to normal.


Kylie Gilchrist said... slid that lucky £1 along that floor and magically knocked another outta the way :D
5 goes is good for a 1.5 ltr of smirnoff considering if you bought it in our offy, you would have to fork out like £28.. :)
Let me know when you wim the lotto :)

Kylie Gilchrist said...

*win* the lotto :)

ThomasMcCool said...

You'd be the 1st I'd tell if I won the lotto. :D Then John Moran cus I'd buy his shop off him and raze it to the ground.