Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Recession....What recession?

I'll tell you something, the recession bypassed my town. My home town has a population of about 15,000 people and they all must eat out. In the last year alone we've had loads of new shops open.
  • Subway
  • Cafe Piazza/ Starbucks
  • The Classic restaurant
  • Buddha take out bar
  • Milkshake bar
  • Glens Butchers
and on top of all that the council developed and built a £4 Million civic centre. It has an auditorium, conference rooms, dance studio and loads of workshop rooms. Basically the full works. It goes to show that maybe you shouldn't listen to everything that the news stations broadcast.

My hope is that it keeps developing and growing to the point where it gets an actual full blown cinema built. My wish is that McDonald's stays away, it'll bring the tone of the place down. :)

That's the new civic centre. Nice, isn't it.