Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Take the little bonuses where you can get them...

I wish it was like this....I really do!
This is just a short blog to dispel the myth that has been circulating that I am pampered now that I'm back living at home.

Just to bring you up to speed a little. I had been living away from home for the past 3 years. A year with my uncle and 2 years just me and my bro. Also I suppose you can count the 2 years that I was at uni too. So 5 in total. Anyways me and my bro where asked to move out of our last house and at that time I only had 6 months to go before I leave for Oz, I decided the best course of action was to move back home.

Now, when I moved in I told my mother NOT to be doing anything for me, after all I had been getting on fine out by myself and tbh she has adhered to my request , mostly.

YES! she brings me tea. 1st it was wee random cups of tea, then it was tea with biscuits. I let this slide because one, I like tea and two, she drinks about 10 cups a day, so whats the harm in having her bring me a cup just one of those times....?

NO! She doesn't always make my dinner. The only time I let her make me dinner is on a Sunday because that's a dinner that is awesome! The rest of the time I'll fix myself or have left overs when I get home from work.

YES! She does do my washing but that amounts to about 1/2 a basket a week. My bro landed the other day with a full basket for her and he doesn't even live here! Sheshhhh!

NO! She doesn't clean my room. I keep it tidy! and I make my bed 5/7 days a week!

It's a fairly balanced existence with me doing whats needed when its needed and taking the little bonuses when they become available.

and when I get to Australia??? Well I'd like to thing it'll be like when I was at uni, where a woman would come in and vacuum and tidy the place! but I know different life is hard and I gotta do my part. Besides, it'll not just be me there ;) This time I'll be living with someone who will actually chip in, unlike when I was living with he bro.

Till next time... Peace!