Sunday, 3 April 2011

I'm an alcoholic slut...!

As with most of my blog topics they hit me while I'm brushing the floor at work. I got to thinking " What type of people blog" and the simple answer after a little research, seems to be; every type of person. From people like me who do it as a sort of diary/outlet for the crazyness to people who do it as a full time job and then theres everything in between. 

I found this little article that breaks it down I would class myself as a Journal/Hobby/Review blogger in that order. I like to use this as a place tot get some of the stuff that rattles about my brain OUT! I have no intentions of going pro ever! Well I lie, just a little. If the opportunity arose to write about technology/science I'd prob give it a go.

The latest guesstimates from Technorati suggest there are upwards of 500million blogs. (I seen it in there somewhere, its a big report) and what surprised me most is the fact that 2/3's are male. I just assumed that women would do this more, only because its kind of a natural extension to keeping an actual physical diary. Which boys/men don't seem to do. I never have.

***I just stopped 1/2 way through here to have my Sunday dinner, nom.nom.nom...Sleepy now...but onwards we trundle**

As with everything else in the world Americans do it the most...

but that's because there are more of em and they have better access to t'internet.

I also found this website Just type in your blog addy and it'll analyze its contents, It's analysis of me was fairly accurate but i didn't like the picture it gave me... For one its a girl and two it makes me look like an alcoholic hooker...which i'm neither of. :)

It seems that my style of blog is the type that is read the least and tbh I'm ok with that. Sure I want people to read this but not absolutely everybody. If I wanted more readers I would blog about tech or boobies or even technological boobies :O 
Other stuff that's happening.

Mothers Day.
Usually I take her out for dinner but this year I'm broke saving hard. So this year she got;

  • 3 Books
  • 3pk Paint Brushes
  • Window squeegy cleaner thingy
  • a hug!

The books had women on the covers and where written by women. So lets hope that the combination of those 2 factors leads to books she likes.  She wanted the middle 2 items, so I was happy to oblige. Oh and the hug, well that was free.

This is a great site, basically you list your interests and it finds websites tailored to them. It has already produced some funky and interesting places. Such as this, have a look they are hilarious.

That seems to be it so, Till next time...Peace!


Kylie Gilchrist said...

Brushing the floor at work....aha! Made me

So, me being your spellcheck, you wrote "a place tot get some of...." find the "boobie"

Women don't blog as much because we usually never have enough time, you know, runnin after all you men! :P

Did you get your mammy a card? Breakkie in bed. She runs after you so you should do the same... :) A window squeegy cleaner?? :O lol

ThomasMcCool said...

She does not run after me...why do you have this delusion??? I just get tea made to me sometimes when she makes a cup for herself.

Window cleaner squeegy thingy. Its a rubber blade thing, she seen it and wanted it so I bought it for her, and nope no card or brekkie in bed because I slept till 12.

You know what spell check sucks! How would you spell boobies?

Kylie Gilchrist said...

Dude, 2nd paragraph, you wrote

"I like to use this as a place TOT get some of the stuff..."

Then, I just said "spot the boobie" as you mentioned them in the blog...not because you spelt it wrong...TOT was the mistake... :P

Well, shes your mammy who raised you for 20 odd yrs...Jenny got breakkie in bed, 2 big cards and shoppin vouchers :D

Kylie Gilchrist said...

BTW...I got the same 'Alcoholic slut' as you...