Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Planking - The sport of Nerds.

Nothin much to report on.

Other than, am all packed, 2 days in advance. No doubt I will unpack and repack again. Done that twice already. Just finding the most efficient way to get all the crap in. All those years of Tetris are really paying off.

I weighed my bag and its seems to be coming in at a hefty 17Kg's, so that estimate of 5kg's was wayyyy off. Sorry Kylie but theres no room for any of your shoes.

Am planning on trying this. This is planking.

StumbleUpon must have some really good algorithms, it has seemed to workout that Australia is in my sites. It keeps giving me loads of content connected with it. Even tho, I don't think I've liked anything/much connected.

With this being the best, so far.

They are the Axis of Awesome, a comedy trio band thingy. Very funny, and yes Oz friends, I noticed the little bit of Tim Minchin they sang.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Strawberry Daiquiri's and Jaws....Daaaa Dant!

We had our leaving party at a bowling alley/ pool hall/ restaurant called Martha's Vineyard. ( I believe the name is a reference to the movie Jaws). It was excellent, the craic was good, drink was flowing and the meal went down a treat, because it was slightly late and I'd bowled like a champion. I am also now a fan of the strawberry daiquiri. 

I'm not sure how it is in other workplaces but I am good friends with 95% of those that I worked with and I will miss them. We where always going out for some reason or another, managing probably 5 big knees up per year.

Where going out again tomorrow night for those who had to work that Saturday night.

That us all rocking the shit out of that boat.  Don't rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby  Even the sober ones among us joined in.

I asked my Manager, Michael for a work reference and the response was Umm...sure. What do I write? In the end I gave him the easy way out, I wrote it myself and he just signed it. It's hard to write something like that, you have to balance bigging yourself up while being conservative at the same time and not come across as too conceited. Anyway after 5 hours, I think I struck the right balance. He seamed to be okay with it. 

Michael is the most down to earth guy I've ever met. In all of the 3 years of working with him, he never once raised his voice in anger, judged or had any grievances with me even though I gave him cause to, more than once. I shall miss him, when you work with a guy side by side for 3 years you become good mates. He taught me my trade and for that I'll be forever grateful. 

Now that all the travel arrangements are made ( thanks be to Kylie, I did nothing) I just gotta arrange myself.

Where to start??? Who knows, I'll just wing it. Maybe I'll start by mentally choosing what to pack.

Kylie did a packing trial run a few weeks back and managed to keep the rucksack down to 10kg. The limit being 20. If a woman can manage that well then surely I'll get away with about 5? Right? Time will tell. I've been told that any spare room I have will be filled with shoes :O

Anyways, off now to play kick about with the dogs. Am not actually gonna kick the dogs am gonna kick a football.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Australia, Are you ready?


My Working Holiday Visa for Australia has been granted as of this morning.

I've been hesitant to write a post about this (there are small mentions in other posts) Not because I didn't want people to know, just in the fear that I may be getting ahead of myself. When that happens Murphys Law usually kicks in.

Now that, that one big hurdle has been cleared am spilling.

It was approximately this time last year when I was asked if I would like to go Australia by this lovely person right here. The plan being to get away shortly after the new year, but that was never going to viable. Just not enough time to save the required monies.

Then we decided the end of April to be a good date, this being just after both of our Birthdays, but again this date wasn't going to work. 
   You see Kylie having already spent a year in Oz studying at Flinders Uni in Adelaide made some really good friends and as it happened, one of them was gonna be in the country at the start of May. Being the good boyfriend that I am I was only to happy to postpone for a few weeks to let these buddies catch up.

I'm not upset that the date of departure has changed a few times if anything its the opposite. It would have been easy to just say "ah fuck it, It doesn't seem this is gonna happen" and just give up on it. The fact that I still wanted to go has made me realize that this is totally the right thing to do.

So now the date is set. We will be flying out from Belfast Airport on the 3rd June, (which is only 8 days away) with a brief stop over in London with hopefully just enough time for me to be all touristy almost Micro-tourism??? Then a hop to a stopover in some mid-Asian country and then a straight shot to Sydney, Australia.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Neuron Pie and the computer man!

I have a few things to blog about but I'll get to them in a future post. For now I just want to show you some stuff I've come across recently in my trolling round the internets.

wow man thats a cosmic sign.

This is the least interesting of the three things. At 1st glance you think Ha! would you look at that. What an amazing coincidence maybe the universe is trying to say something. Well thats what I thought anyways. Then as I looked a bit longer, it dawned on me that this is certainly a coincidence and the universe isn't saying squat, because in order to see the relevance, not only do you have to read/write English to understand the meaning of "PIE" and to see why its connected to π you have to write the #4 in that particular way. Not everyone writes four like that, I don't. 

I still like pie tho, the number and the foodstuff.

Next, this. Click on it for a bigger version and read the text on it.

wow man, this really is a cosmic sign.

Thats just EPIC, in every sense of that word. To think that the overall shape of the universe is similar in shape to a Neuron connection in the brain astounds me. Of course Theists will use this as proof of Intelligent design but i see it as evidence of logical design. Nature found a way to build things of all sizes in an efficient form as possible.

The word universe means literally "everything" but what if the image on the right zoomed out, would there be a brain shape? :O Ooooo..... my brain shape just started to hurt.

Next and final,

This isn't smart or existential, it is what it is. A WTF! kinda thing.


Its funny as all hell and begs the question what where the advertising people on back then. I like the guys beard and the funky 90's techno. Oontz Oontz Oontz!

No liability will be accepted by the author of this blog if a readers head explodes due to either the existential concept of part #2 or the overall mind numbing boringness of reading this blog.

I expect to see you all back after the world ends on the 22nd May.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A new friend from a land down under.

Had an interesting week last week. I got to meet one of Kylie's Australian friends, Allison. She came to the U.K. to meet with her sister and took a wee hop over the Sea to N.I. 

We lifted her at the airport, and my 1st impression was that she was very nice, bubbly and down to earth and if all of her fellow countrymen/women are half as nice as her I'll be in good company when I head over.

I like to think she wasn't too shocked by her time here, considering she was thrown right in the deep end on Thursday by watching a band parade and on Saturday when an incomprehensible drunk man tried talking to her in the thickest, slurriest Irish accent that even I had trouble understanding. Although a little awkward and embarrassing it was very very funny. Poor Cuddy (or is it cuttie? Mmmmm...)

Those two got up to all sorts, but why don't you read about that from the original source. I would have liked to hang out with them more, but I had to work. Had to earn some pennies to start my adventure with.

I still learned a few things, like;

  • Our KFC menu is different from theres
  • We talk very fast
  • A Ute is a Utility van
  • An Australian considers 17/18ºc cold ( :O )
  • They haven't got sausages over there (honestly, I'm not kidding)
  • That girls will play dress up no matter their age :D
I can feel my horizons broadening already.

Hahaha! i hope its really like this. My title got me thinking bout this.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Spideys got competition

I feel like I must bring this to the attention of my 3 followers. This guy most probably saved this womans life, with what I would describe as an inhuman catch. 

The guy seems to sense the ball even before it enters his peripheral vision. Then when he does catch a glimpse of it, takes him about 2 m/s to react. Spider-man is shitting himself, now he's got competition. I guess thats what natural talent plus years and years of training can do for you.

Then theres this guy, who just totally lucks out. Spider-man, if your reading this, you've got nothing to worry from this guy.

The look on his face is priceless tho, and the girl off camera lets out a funny little noise which is a mixture of suprise and arousal.

I shall try and get round to writing a real post soon. Also notice my new sign-off. "Till next time...Peace" had run its course. I read it out loud and it sounded stOOpid! Why didn't anyone tell me godammit.

Yea! Spideys here to save my blog!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

There Gone.....All Gone Damn It!

Its a sad day. Stargate Universe, the latest incarnation to carry the Stargate name has just shown its last episode. It only managed to make it to 2 seasons before being cancelled.

You see I love this show and it 2 sister shows. They have some of the most interesting story lines and contain some of the most talented actors in TV. In some form or another the Stargate franchise has been part of my life since 1997, right from when the 1st episode of SG-1 was aired. This franchise has been on the telly for 14 years continuously with SGU's cancellation bringing to close this feat. =(

Every Sunday without fail Channel 4 would show 2 episodes back to back, everyone else in the family would be away "visiting"  while I stayed and let my mind wonder with intrigue. Those were the days. Then SKY Digital bought the rights, so of course I pestered my parents into getting a Satellite dish.

Stargate SG-1 ran for 10 years pumping out 209 episodes, taking the crown of most episodes produced by a series away from X-files. That record has stood for 6 years until this week in fact. When Smallville will finish its ten year run with 218 episodes. FYI Smallville is my 2nd fave TV franchise, so really its not a good week at all.

Then came Stargate Atlantis, a spin-off show from SG-1, it ran for 5 seasons. It was great but not as good as its predecessor. Then came Stargate Universe, a move away from the Alien of the week style of SG-1 & SGA to a more adult orientated sci-fi/drama hybrid ala Battle Star Galactica. Perhaps it was this change of direction that led to its ill fate.

It may be strange that someone can love a TV show so much, It may be strange that I have the full DVD collection, it may be strange that if I met any of the stars of these shows I'd go mute but is it any different than the harry potter craze ;) or someone who adores Disney ;). Nawwww! of course. We all have our own eccentricities and thats what helps make us unique.  

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Drunk Tales #1

Ahhh, ummmmm, this is the place where am supposed to write stuff for the entertainment of others.

OK so how about the 2nd time I got drunk on Vodka. Why not the 1st you ask, Well thats a pretty short story. Drank some Vodka...Walked home....was sick in a bowl....put head in bowl....begged mother not to tell father....went to bed for 2 days.

The 2nd time is much more interesting.

It was a sunny saturday, I was 17 and because I was the oldest looking I was nominated to go to the Off Licence and purchase said beverage. The sales person obviously knew I wasn't the legal age because I bought 4 half bottles instead of just buying 2 regular bottles, while sweating profusely but its Ireland so, you know.

Anyways so of we went down a big steep hill to the riverside, 5 of us in total. This was at a time before mobile phones could play music so we had a battery powered radio and for the 1st hour or so everything was relaxed and we were all just enjoying the sun and music.

Then for reasons unknown, a person we shall call Boy #2, lifted boy #3's cigarettes and threw them in the water. So being slightly drunk #2 stripped to his underwear and dived in after them. He retrieved his cigs but by the time he got out of the water we had hidden his clothes. He spent the better part of the day in his skivvies, trying to smoke the retrieved cancer sticks.

As the day drew on we got drunker and drunker and this is where my memories become fainter and fainter. I vaguely remember chasing a heard of sheep (???) and attempting to climb a tree.

Then nite started to come in and we decided to go home. This is where my memory comes back to me.

You see I had been seated for most of the days merriments and only then when I stood up I realized my legs had stopped functioning. I managed to stumble from the riverside to the steep hill and thats where the stumbling stopped, for no matter how hard I tried I could not get up that damn hill. Then it dawned on me, if I couldn't go up forward how about backwards.......

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnddd.....Nope didn't work. I was trapped. Everyone was leaving me, legs included. I had at this point dropped to a crawling position. It was dark and I was lonely so I said "Fuck it" and proceeded to crawl up the hill....... to no avail.

Then "BING" a little lightbulb went off. "GO UP THE HILL IN A BACKWARDS CRAWL" and you know what it worked. I made it to the top, I had conquered the dam hill and in celebration, I puked my guts up at the top.

Eventually we all got in a taxi and headed back to guy #4's house. A few sick stops later and we where there. I spent the night sleeping on a hard bathroom floor with a tissue thin blanket, shivering and retching to bout 10 in the morning. With a dog periodically checking up on me to see if I was still alive.

O.K. How was that? All amused and entertained. Good.

Me and Vodka do not mix well, haven't been drunk on the stuff since this "incident". I have other good drunk tales but I'll save them for the dry spells. :)

Till next time... Peace. ( really gotta come up with a better sign off! )

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Sunshine = BBQ time.

I'll let you in on a little secret......Here in Northern Ireland we don't get very much sunshine. O.K. so not much of a secret. Huh!

However, we occasionally do get a little (whenever the Leprechauns allow it). A little meaning about 2-3 weeks per year, usually in April/May. When it does show its face, we go mad for it. Shorts appear, Jumpers are abandoned and the BBQ's come out of storage and boy do they come out fast.

I'm a butcher and I take the brunt of this BBQ stampede, for a few weeks am on Burger patrol! In a typical week me and my butcher buddy, Micheal make 100 burgers, this week 600 :o and whats worse I did that many by myself. My partner in crime took his hols on the sunniest week of the year. 

But it's behind me now and I can't hold a grudge because it was my last ever time of holding the fort by myself. In 16 days I'll be starting my final shift....then its off to Australia. :D

I know it sounds like I'm complaining about BBQ's but am not. I've managed to squeeze in 3 in 3 days. I've prob eaten my weight in cow. God, I do love the smell of the coals...and the beer and the over indulgence and the craic and of course the sunshine. 

This is #4 :O

Thats me for now, I promise to update sooner that 2 weeks.

Till then...Peace!