Friday, 20 May 2011

Neuron Pie and the computer man!

I have a few things to blog about but I'll get to them in a future post. For now I just want to show you some stuff I've come across recently in my trolling round the internets.

wow man thats a cosmic sign.

This is the least interesting of the three things. At 1st glance you think Ha! would you look at that. What an amazing coincidence maybe the universe is trying to say something. Well thats what I thought anyways. Then as I looked a bit longer, it dawned on me that this is certainly a coincidence and the universe isn't saying squat, because in order to see the relevance, not only do you have to read/write English to understand the meaning of "PIE" and to see why its connected to π you have to write the #4 in that particular way. Not everyone writes four like that, I don't. 

I still like pie tho, the number and the foodstuff.

Next, this. Click on it for a bigger version and read the text on it.

wow man, this really is a cosmic sign.

Thats just EPIC, in every sense of that word. To think that the overall shape of the universe is similar in shape to a Neuron connection in the brain astounds me. Of course Theists will use this as proof of Intelligent design but i see it as evidence of logical design. Nature found a way to build things of all sizes in an efficient form as possible.

The word universe means literally "everything" but what if the image on the right zoomed out, would there be a brain shape? :O Ooooo..... my brain shape just started to hurt.

Next and final,

This isn't smart or existential, it is what it is. A WTF! kinda thing.


Its funny as all hell and begs the question what where the advertising people on back then. I like the guys beard and the funky 90's techno. Oontz Oontz Oontz!

No liability will be accepted by the author of this blog if a readers head explodes due to either the existential concept of part #2 or the overall mind numbing boringness of reading this blog.

I expect to see you all back after the world ends on the 22nd May.


Underground Dude said...

I enjoy pie of both varieties as well. Although, there is a heated debate going on right now in the mathematics community regarding the replacement of pi with tau...I'm thinking of organizing a protest and or petition.