Wednesday, 18 May 2011

A new friend from a land down under.

Had an interesting week last week. I got to meet one of Kylie's Australian friends, Allison. She came to the U.K. to meet with her sister and took a wee hop over the Sea to N.I. 

We lifted her at the airport, and my 1st impression was that she was very nice, bubbly and down to earth and if all of her fellow countrymen/women are half as nice as her I'll be in good company when I head over.

I like to think she wasn't too shocked by her time here, considering she was thrown right in the deep end on Thursday by watching a band parade and on Saturday when an incomprehensible drunk man tried talking to her in the thickest, slurriest Irish accent that even I had trouble understanding. Although a little awkward and embarrassing it was very very funny. Poor Cuddy (or is it cuttie? Mmmmm...)

Those two got up to all sorts, but why don't you read about that from the original source. I would have liked to hang out with them more, but I had to work. Had to earn some pennies to start my adventure with.

I still learned a few things, like;

  • Our KFC menu is different from theres
  • We talk very fast
  • A Ute is a Utility van
  • An Australian considers 17/18Âșc cold ( :O )
  • They haven't got sausages over there (honestly, I'm not kidding)
  • That girls will play dress up no matter their age :D
I can feel my horizons broadening already.

Hahaha! i hope its really like this. My title got me thinking bout this.


Mynx said...

17 deg is bloody freezing and we do have sausages. Cant believe I havent visited you yet.
Thanks for coming to my blog party :)

Kylie Gilchrist said...

Thomas, who said there was no sausages in Oz...?? I said there was no PORK sausages, that the ones I ate where lamb and mince and kangaroo sausages... :P

Kylie Gilchrist said...

There may be pork, but I never saw any :P