Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Planking - The sport of Nerds.

Nothin much to report on.

Other than, am all packed, 2 days in advance. No doubt I will unpack and repack again. Done that twice already. Just finding the most efficient way to get all the crap in. All those years of Tetris are really paying off.

I weighed my bag and its seems to be coming in at a hefty 17Kg's, so that estimate of 5kg's was wayyyy off. Sorry Kylie but theres no room for any of your shoes.

Am planning on trying this. This is planking.

StumbleUpon must have some really good algorithms, it has seemed to workout that Australia is in my sites. It keeps giving me loads of content connected with it. Even tho, I don't think I've liked anything/much connected.

With this being the best, so far.

They are the Axis of Awesome, a comedy trio band thingy. Very funny, and yes Oz friends, I noticed the little bit of Tim Minchin they sang.


Mynx said...

seen it before but you caught me with Paul McDermott. Have you seen any Good news Week yet? I bet you are so excited

ThomasMcCool said...

@mynx, I have now! Thanks for the heads up. Its very funny but some of the jokes are fairly Australian specific. So went over my head. But not for long...

Underground Dude said...

Planking...I think I just found a new hobby.