Saturday, 28 May 2011

Strawberry Daiquiri's and Jaws....Daaaa Dant!

We had our leaving party at a bowling alley/ pool hall/ restaurant called Martha's Vineyard. ( I believe the name is a reference to the movie Jaws). It was excellent, the craic was good, drink was flowing and the meal went down a treat, because it was slightly late and I'd bowled like a champion. I am also now a fan of the strawberry daiquiri. 

I'm not sure how it is in other workplaces but I am good friends with 95% of those that I worked with and I will miss them. We where always going out for some reason or another, managing probably 5 big knees up per year.

Where going out again tomorrow night for those who had to work that Saturday night.

That us all rocking the shit out of that boat.  Don't rock the boat, don't rock the boat baby  Even the sober ones among us joined in.

I asked my Manager, Michael for a work reference and the response was Umm...sure. What do I write? In the end I gave him the easy way out, I wrote it myself and he just signed it. It's hard to write something like that, you have to balance bigging yourself up while being conservative at the same time and not come across as too conceited. Anyway after 5 hours, I think I struck the right balance. He seamed to be okay with it. 

Michael is the most down to earth guy I've ever met. In all of the 3 years of working with him, he never once raised his voice in anger, judged or had any grievances with me even though I gave him cause to, more than once. I shall miss him, when you work with a guy side by side for 3 years you become good mates. He taught me my trade and for that I'll be forever grateful. 

Now that all the travel arrangements are made ( thanks be to Kylie, I did nothing) I just gotta arrange myself.

Where to start??? Who knows, I'll just wing it. Maybe I'll start by mentally choosing what to pack.

Kylie did a packing trial run a few weeks back and managed to keep the rucksack down to 10kg. The limit being 20. If a woman can manage that well then surely I'll get away with about 5? Right? Time will tell. I've been told that any spare room I have will be filled with shoes :O

Anyways, off now to play kick about with the dogs. Am not actually gonna kick the dogs am gonna kick a football.


Underground Dude said...

Seems like a good time was had by all. Strawberry daqs are delicious, but I try to stay away from any drink that tastes like candy. I've had traumatic experiences in the past...I don't like to talk about it.

ThomasMcCool said...

There's nothing better than pucking the rainbow =) Come on, u can't tease a good yarn and not spill.

ThomasMcCool said...

Puking the rainbow. Pucking the rainbow is a totally different senario.

Mynx said...

so exciting, I cant wait to read what you think of my lovely country.
Are you counting days yet?

ThomasMcCool said...

@Mynx, am trying not to, but its damn near impossible when your GF updates her status every morning with 7 more sleeps, 6 more sleeps ect ect. I already think Australia is great. They gave us the soap Neighbours. =)

lyndylou said...

what an exciting time for you! Looking forward to reading about all your adventures.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

I don't think I have ever had a strawberry daiquiri but it looks yummy. Anyway it sounds like you had a good time and that you had a good boss.

ThomasMcCool said...

@Jo-Anne, all I can tell you about them is that they contain strawberries and some type of alcohol and that they blow your head off. Ka-boom!