Wednesday, 11 May 2011

There Gone.....All Gone Damn It!

Its a sad day. Stargate Universe, the latest incarnation to carry the Stargate name has just shown its last episode. It only managed to make it to 2 seasons before being cancelled.

You see I love this show and it 2 sister shows. They have some of the most interesting story lines and contain some of the most talented actors in TV. In some form or another the Stargate franchise has been part of my life since 1997, right from when the 1st episode of SG-1 was aired. This franchise has been on the telly for 14 years continuously with SGU's cancellation bringing to close this feat. =(

Every Sunday without fail Channel 4 would show 2 episodes back to back, everyone else in the family would be away "visiting"  while I stayed and let my mind wonder with intrigue. Those were the days. Then SKY Digital bought the rights, so of course I pestered my parents into getting a Satellite dish.

Stargate SG-1 ran for 10 years pumping out 209 episodes, taking the crown of most episodes produced by a series away from X-files. That record has stood for 6 years until this week in fact. When Smallville will finish its ten year run with 218 episodes. FYI Smallville is my 2nd fave TV franchise, so really its not a good week at all.

Then came Stargate Atlantis, a spin-off show from SG-1, it ran for 5 seasons. It was great but not as good as its predecessor. Then came Stargate Universe, a move away from the Alien of the week style of SG-1 & SGA to a more adult orientated sci-fi/drama hybrid ala Battle Star Galactica. Perhaps it was this change of direction that led to its ill fate.

It may be strange that someone can love a TV show so much, It may be strange that I have the full DVD collection, it may be strange that if I met any of the stars of these shows I'd go mute but is it any different than the harry potter craze ;) or someone who adores Disney ;). Nawwww! of course. We all have our own eccentricities and thats what helps make us unique.