Thursday, 23 June 2011

My 1st Snorkel experience.

Back in Sydney Kylie convinced me to buy a wetsuit and snorkle. With the intention of snorkeling somewhere off the coast. That never happened. 

Then we flew up to Cairns where the sun shines everyday hitting 30c, in the winter! To me thats just fucking crazy. Back in Ireland if it hits 30c we retreat into our caves because we are sure the rapture is upon us.

SO now am out $100 on a wetsuit that'll prob never be used, but I can say that i have one at least.

Ok back to the snorkeling. Kylie coached me on the details, she said when you 1st put your head in the water you'll instictively start breathing heavy and this'll make you panic, and that I wasn't allowed to touch the anemone cus they sting and am not Nemo.

So of I went dipped my head in the water expecting to flip out but Nope, the 1st few breathes where heavy but then they shallowed out and I breathed normally. As I said last post it is very calming and relaxing watching the fishes swim about.

After 30 mins or so I was following this big fish, it was about the size of a dinner plate and it had black and white stripes. It was pretty and he was darting all over the place making me work for the view, then after 10 mins he got pissed off, turned around and darted at me. This scared the shit out of me cus fisheseseses are supposed to be peaceful animals. In the pursuing panic my snorkel went under the water and I breathed in seawater, that set me off, i really panicked then. Eventually I got to the top of the water breathed in what felt like my first breath, composed myself and swam back to shore for a sulk.

It hasn't put me off and I'll do it again. I suppose its like anything in life the more you do it the more you get used to it and eventually it becomes second nature.

I bet your glad you read that arn't you.


Mynx said...

Last time I went snorkling it was in Fiji. Funny, one day I must actually do it in QLD.
It is amazing when you do relax. Second time will be better

lyndylou said...

I've always wanted to snorkel. Glad you gave it a try and maybe once you get a job you might get to use that wetsuit more often :)