Sunday, 12 June 2011

My week in Sydney - Part One


So what an effing week that was. Its quite a lot to read so am gonna split it into 2 posts.

Monday -
We did a walk around the city and in through the Botanical Gardens eventually making our way down to the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I always pictured the Opera House to be much much bigger than it was. I wasn't disappointed though, it was still very pretty to look at. Then we went on the Jet Boat and got a right old soaking. It was bloody freezing.

Tuesday -
This was an easy laid back day. Went up to the Ozintro office for an introduction talk, I suppose they could have done this on Monday but am glad they didn't. Then it was off down to Darling Harbor to see some fishes at the aquarium and lunch at the Pontoon Cafe.

Wednesday -
We had a trip to Taronga Zoo. It was impressive but not as impressive if we had have went in the summer. Highlight of the zoo was the Seal show and the cable car ride.

Thursday -
Was a trip to bondi beach, where a few from the group actually went in the water, damn fools. This was followed by a walk around the scenic coast where we stopped for an Aussie BBQ by the beach and a game of volleyball. A certain Aussie blogger assured me that they did indeed have sausages, she failed to mention that they taste like shit. Lamb & Mince WTF? Wheres the pork sausages?

I'll get the 2nd part up soon(ish) am off for a sleep now.


Mynx said...

sounds like you are having fun though.
Cant believe anybody was silly enough to go swimming in June. OMG too bloody cold for that sort of thing