Monday, 20 June 2011

Sydney Part Two and Cairns

I'll condense Sydney part 2 for you and squeeze it in here.

Friday was for me the highlight of the week, we took a bus ride up to the blue mountains for a hike that almost effing killed me. Filled my water bottle with the tastiest water i've ever had. Kylie said it didn't taste of anything but I was def getting a sweetness from it.


Lovely waterfall, nice walk down, murderous coming back up.


Saturday. Well now this was an experience I shall not forget in a hurry. OzExperience to be precise. There's a bus with a DJ onboard and this bus takes you from bar to bar on a pub crawl. While you are on the bus you are not allowed to sit down, you have to keep dancing and banging the roof and shouting out the window like a drunking crazie.

Sunday was activity free until the evening this was for the hangovers but to be honest I was quite bright when I rolled outta bed. That nite we went for a formal farewell meal up Sydney Tower. This is the freakiest meal I've had. You see since I got off the plane I've been suffering from some weird ailment where I feel as if the ground beneth me is bobbing up and down and this coupled with the rotating restaurant on the top floor just sent me into a rite ol' state. This mean't I couldnt enjoy my meal as much as i should have cus the food was amazing.

Things I learned in my 1st week.
  • Sydney is a very exspensive place. $4 for a Banana. FOOK!
  • That jet lag is not a myth. I crashed so hard on Wednesday.
  • Aussie money is so gay. Makes me think of Brazil's Carnivale when I look at it.
  • Living out of a suitcase isn't easy. Shit gets lost so easily
  • Am not the stereotypical Irish person. I don't like to drink too much.
  • Am trigger happy with a camera. The little compact I have crys itself to sleep most nites now.
  • That good friends can be made within a week.
Its been a while since I updated so my time in Cairns is nearly up, in 2 days me and Kylie are heading down to a large town/ small city called Townsville. Original if not imaginative. It seems that there is more job opertunities down there. We both canvased Cairns, dropping off resumes in any shop we liked the look of, without anything more than a bite.

Cairns is a stark contrast to Sydney at this time of year as evidenced by the bright red lobsteresque colour that have gone. 30c to an Aussie may not sound like much but the melting point of an Irishman is officially 28c.

Kylies dad treated us to a day trip to Fitzroy Island. its 45 mins by ferry from Cairns and I kid you not it looks like the island from Lost. I experienced snorkeling for the 1st time and I thouroughly enjoyed it and really hope to do it again sometime soon. Its hard to describe the feeling of breathing underwater, but I felt so comfortable and at peace. Well that was until the biggest fish i'd ever seen decided it had had enough of me perving on it and chased me. Then I kept getting paranoid that i was getting to close to the Anenemies and that i'd be stung, so i called it a day.


Fitzroy Island

Purdy again

I know it seems that am just on holiday but the cold hard facts of reality are always present in the back of my mind and I know that sometime real soon am gonna have to get a job, if not i'll have to call it a day here in Oz. They say it's all about who you know not what you know, so any of my Australian readers have any contacts for me, i'm listening.

P.S. can some explain Vegimite to me?


Rachel said...

Vegimeite = marmite without the 'marm'