Monday, 18 July 2011

All out tourist......

Not content with being a stereotypical backpacker, I thought I'd  go all out tourist today. I held a Koala and got the souvenir photograph to go with it.

Cute huh? Koala ain't bad neither.
We went to a place called the Billabong Sanctuary. Its this cool little place 17km outside of Townsville that let you handle some of the animals. It sounds cruel but its not, the animals even seem to like it.

They have a wombat there that lost 20% of its body weight after cyclone Yasi hit them and they tried everything the knew to nurse it back to health. It turned out that it was suffering depression because they had to shut the place down for repairs and  it wasn't getting the interaction that it was used too.

It was a fun day out and only planned yesterday too. I guess spontaneity is a good thing. I also fed a Kangaroo, held a Snake and Crocodile, a baby one of course, fed the cockatoos (did that already but fun to do it again) chased ducks, raced turtles, got poo on my leg, not my own i'll have you know.

It may be no Australia Zoo, but it had a charm all of its own. Relaxed and chilled, with some very funny conservationists.

A lot of things got ticked off the too do in Oz list today.

Another 1st for me today came by the way of a blogger friend of mine over at Dribble, I have done my 1st guest post. :O Head over for a Dribbling Randomness.


Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Cool you did some tourist things and getting up close and personal with some of our fantastic animals........