Monday, 25 July 2011

Random picture not related to anything in this post...

Random Picture, not related to anything in this post.

So I've just done my second and final days work at the Townsville Racecourse. This week was the Townsville cup, I'm not sure if that means anything to you it certainly doesn't for me.

Bar work would be too strong of a word to use for what I was doing. Essentially everyone bought tickets at the front gate to "buy" drinks with, all I was required to do is take the ticket, get the drink and open the dam cans.

To top the fun days activity off, after 8 hours working with no breaks I had to walk 5km to get home because the buses don't run that far on a Saturday, and I sure as Hell wasn't paying for a taxi cus it cost me $20 to get there in the 1st place.

The highlight of my day was when I served to be what I perceived out of the corner of my eye to be a big tall blonde. WRONG! When "it" asked for a rum and coke in a deeper voice than me, I stood in shock for a few seconds. I did stare a little but I think he/she was used to that cus he/she smiled said thank you and carried on without a care in the world.

I served, lets just call him a her because that's what he's going for, confused me too. Anyways I served her a few more times after that and TBH I got used to it. I say go for it...Lesson #7 Do what makes you happy. This person was obviously following this rule.

What are the other lessons you ask? Just incase they may change your life there over here.

In other news.....

It seems I am starting to become accustom to the warmth, I find it gets really cold in the mornings now to the severity that I have to wear PJ's. I call them PJ's but really its a hoody and joggers.

I seen my 1st Kangaroo road kill, and no I didn't take a weirdos.

The German language can be a bit lazy. The word Bastard for example is spelt the same but said slightly differently, lets just say that if you hear it in German you'll know it. Perhaps its the English language that is lazy, maybe we took it from them. WIKIPEDIA to the rescue.....

Auf Wiedersien ( that's bye to us regular Joes)

Speaking of Joes go here, he hasn't updated since February so perhaps a few visitors will get him goin again.


Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Yep the cost of cabs in this country is riddculas far cheaper to use Shanks's pony........

Mynx said...

Forget the picot the dead roo, seen plenty of them, I would rather see the big tall blonde. You have me very curious.
So when are you and Kylie moving on to the next adventure?