Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Shopping as it should be........

Shopping here in Oz is a totally different from back home in Scotland Ireland. Supermarkets are full of people all the time and I mean Choc-a-block. Usually you have to fight folk for that last pack of loo roll.

Its a pleasure to take a wee walk down the shops. Just wander in, no hassle and no pushing. Check out staff are polite and they seem genuinely happy.

Of course there are happy check out chicks back in Ireland, hell am dating one and consider another to be a bestest bud of mine but the majority of them a sour faced old cows.

The only explanation I can offer for this is the Sun, it keeps everyones vitamin D topped up or the extra strength UV has addled their brains.

HAHAHAH....I've just read this and it seems not everyone agrees.....

Anywho's I have been here in Australia now for 1 month and I wanted to share some of the wonderful foodstuffs I've come across. Nicest 1st of course.

#1 Cherry Ripe/Cherry Roll
#2 Chicken Salt
#3 Maggi Noodles
#4 Sunkist
#5 Raisin Bread
#6 Iced Coffee

If a Bounty had sex with a Ruffle the baby would be this....I'd then proceed to eat that baby. This makes more sense if your from the U.K. I suppose.


Mynx said...

Hey, I was having a bad morning hahaha.
Thanks for the link and I reckon the girls are just nice to you because you have a sexy irish accent. Us Aussie girls just melt for that.
And am I going to get a guest post from you?

Kylie Gilchrist said...

Iced Coffee....RULES!!! x