Saturday, 27 August 2011

Man Crush

I love Morgan Freeman.

More specifically his voice. His dulse tones have a peculiar effect on me, they make me wanna sleep. I guess its the deepness of tone that he talks with and the almost rhythmic timing he has as he speaks. Its like a metronome.

Other than his voice I like him as an actor, one of my favorite movies of all time is Shawshank Redemption. He has an air of esteem about him mixed with humor. I laugh so hard every time I see him in Bruce/Even Almighty.

I think I have a man crush. Morgan Freeman is to me as Turk is to J.D. O_o

I have been watching the 1st season of a show called Through the wormhole, its a documentary series about science and he is the narrator/host. This is what has brought up these thoughts. The science hurts my head then Morgan runs in and speaks away the pain.

This is an advert from the U.K. that I like very much.

Runs in the family.

I guess genius just runs in my family.

My other sister, Emma has gotten her results for her GCSE's and has done very well, so well in fact she has been accepted to go on to her 6th and 7th year of high school. The dreaded A-levels. dant dant daa...

Well done sis am proud of you too. More so because we all seen how much of a lazy sod you where in your earlier years ;)

P.S. Look at your bowl cut. HaHa!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011


This blog is for Rachel.


She got 3 B's in her A-level exams and thus secured her place at London Metropolitan University.

She is going to train to become a Primary School Teacher.

I am proud of you sis and wish you every success.

I hope you last longer than me.

P.S. HaHa

Drunk Tales #2: Camping

I think its time for drunk tales #2

This story involves sheep O_o. Me and my then good friends Chris, Sam, Grant.

Chris lived on top of a mountain near an old run down cottage with no roof and crumbling walls. This is the scene for said tale.

It was nearing the end of the summer and we where heading back to school, we where 15 at the time and about to start our 5th and final year together as school buddies.

The drink of choice for someone underage was cider, not the good stuff either that's too expensive. Frosty Jack was more our style. 3 litres for £3.00.

While sober we pitched the tent, gathered firewood from a nearby forest, created a makeshift BBQ for the sausages and burgers we had scored from Chris' mothers freezer and purchased batteries for the actionman torch/radio.

As dusk drew in we lit the fire and proceeded to sit around it, swapping manly stories, talking about girls and all the while getting drunker and drunker(back then it didn't take much).

Then someone had the good idea of going for a drunken walk. So we all headed off up the mountain through the forest eventually coming to a clearing where a load of sheep where grazing.

At this point your thinking "what did you do to the poor sheep" well the answer is not as perverted as what your imagining. Shame on you!

We just sneaked up on them and proceeded to chase them around the "field" until Chris disappeared that is. Unknown to us this field had been used in the past as a testing ground for Army Tanks and as such it was full of deep furrows from where the tracks had churned up the ground. This is where he had falling face 1st into. It took us a good 30mins to hear the drunken screams of "HELP HELP I'VE FALLEN INTO A WELL, I DON'T WANT TO DIE."

In the end the furrows where about 2 feet deep, he just couldn't get out cus he was drunk.

The lesson learnt is don't chase sheep when you're drunk! It's not good for you,its not good for the sheep.

Also if your seen by sober people they will automatically jump to the wrong conclusion.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I don't know what title to give this post and frankly I don't care.

As I write, there is a 3 blade open fan wizzing above me, it seems to be topping out at about 1000kph. Its so close to the top bunk, I fear for Kylie's safety if she gets up in a hurry. She'll be scalped the likes of which the Native Americans would be proud. ( stereotyped western movie Indians noted)

Occasionally the hostel gets bulk booked by guests and as such we have to move to a different room so they can all be put together. This time it means we've been moved to the "cottages", essentially nothing more than a converted garage separate from the main building. However it is quite and comfy so no complaints this time. Last time we where downgraded from a 4 bed to an 8 bed.

Anyways, I think we are on the brink of securing a placement on a farm. We had a trail run today and it went very well. I'll be going back up tomorrow. If we play our cards right it could be for the full 3 months, that we require for the 2nd year visa.

I wont count my chickens just yet tho. What I know as Murphy's law (sods) could kick in anytime.

Oh and I just wanna wish some good luck, she is getting her A-level results today.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Idiots to a flame

Its been a few days now since a man was wrongfully shot by police in London and what started off as rightful, legal protest has deteriorated into nothing more than a opportunity for some mindless violence.

It's a persons right to protest, about anything they dam well please. They can even write big signs and chant slogans to help. That's comes under the right to freedom of speech. As part of civilised society I am all for that.

Its when things start getting out of hand and certain types of people take advantage of the situation, that's when it starts to infuriate me.

Last time it was students, peacefully protesting the fact that they may have to start paying higher fees for their tertiary education. Then along comes a bunch of non-students thinking "party" and then crowd mentality takes over and one guy throws a brick at a window thinking hes clever and BOOM it all kicks off.

Same this time, one dumbos who probably doesn't even know the victim or why he's even there sets fire to a bin and the next thing you know there's a bloody double-decker blazing and that's catching light to a few buildings.

It's usually the small minority of idiots that ruin the chances of the rightful to have there say via protest.

The fact is there are to many idiots who aren't working and are on the dole, with too much free time. This rioting just attracts them like a moth to a flame.

Then the law have to step in, again civilisation at work. When they try and quell the uprising of fools, said fools see this as a challenge to there authority and fight back. They throw bottles and stones, petrol bombs and kick the shit out of a lone policeman who strays off.

I have no doubt that this will die off just as spontaneously as it started.

Of course the main issue will be dealt with as it would have been without the riots. Its just now there will be a drainage on resources in identifying all those involved in the carnage.

The news will gets its weeks worth of coverage and then a celebrity will die and take the focus off broken Britain once again. Until next time that is.

I fear that this could just be the outward results of a deeper underlying issue. Peoples frustrations steaming from economic downturn.

or something along those lines anyway...

Friday, 5 August 2011

Just Photos...

Am just too lazy here is some photos to peruse. I'll go and get some inspiration and come back with some more words.

These things are cool...I thought it was a skink but nope it's a Gecko :)

Paradise Lost..nope, found it.

Its a bloody Possom and am feeding it. I'm told there pests but I think there awesome.

Every Hostel has a cat...this is cookie.


A turtle getting some tounge..lucky Turtle.

Mr Miyagi taught me well

This is why I love her, she has just the right amount of crazy

Arty Farty.

This is our friend Fay..thats Kylie poking her schnoz in.

whats on top of castle hill....a bloody garden shed.

Thats Castle Hill

Going, Going...

Gone, almost.

We believe we can fly.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

LOOK AT ME!!!!!!!

Round of applause for Rachel...

Anyway back to me now...look this way..Haaa hmmmm...

On the bus today coming back from the beach, Yes! the beach. What you mean its the winter? your crazy. Fool!

Me, bus, beach, way home. On the same page? Good!

There was this guy sitting across from me, I'd say 40+ playing a PSP, that in its self not so strange but the way he was playing it was. He was over emphasising every button press and emotion on his face. This is what initially drew me into staring mode, but it gets better.

When it turned out that this wasn't doing the trick of grabbing everyones attention, he proceeded to get out his phone. He made damn sure that we all knew it was one with a slide out keyboard, then he read a message and over reacted to it.

He went back to his PSP for a few mins after that.

Then out comes a little 7inch touch screen tablet, which is displayed so proudly that a peacock wouldn't of had a look in. Again the over zealousness of his finger sweeps was evident for all to see.


I got off before he got his Phaser out...

I think people like this are called extroverts... not unlike us bloggers. Hmmmmm....

Nothing a quick Google search couldn't find, but least this way you don't have to.

Lots of punctuation in this post, Sorry!

Monday, 1 August 2011

A Modest Guest Report

Wow....I've made it to fifty posts....that was exhausting.

So much so am skipping this one and handing over the reigns to Rachel from A Modest Report. See you on the other side, and yes! before you ask, she is kin, sister to be precise.... I think... there is a running joke within the family that she is the milkman's daughter. Mmmm... Would explain why she's so white... :)

Without further ado......

So, I've been asked to provide a guest post for my brother. He's reached his 50th post and has decided to give me a little bit of promotion.  I was actually quite pleased that he asked me. Of all of the people he could've asked, he picked me. It must be because we're blood, because I really don't write that much that is worth reading. Anyway, I've been struggling to think of something to write about for this. Not just because it's going to be used as a guest post, I just couldn't think of anything to write. 

I'll keep it quite simple, what did you want to be when you were a kid? Or, what do you really wish you had the chance to do as a kid?

As far back as I can remember I've wanted to be a teacher, although, I'm sure that there was some point in my life when I wanted to be something different. So that's easily answered. I guess I am a bit nuts for wanting to wake up 5 days a week and face a class full of screaming kids while they ask how to spell elephant and try to put glue up their noses. Jeese, I can't wait. 

As for the other question, I realllllllly wish that I'd been allowed to learn how to dance.

I find myself watching people dancing and wishing that I could do that. I know that if I could be arsed I could go now and find some dance class and sign up. Well, maybe not right now, it is 20 minutes to 10 at night, I highly doubt that dance classes operate a sign up service this late. I honestly think that I could've been a good ballet dancer. 

Another thing I wish I was given the chance to do as a child is gymnastics. I took quite a liking to the... sport? when we were forced to do it in P.E. classes. I could be all fancy and bendy and gymnasticy by now if the folks had have let me do it. That would be some laugh. 

So, what do you wish you could've done?

Hello otherside... Thanks fart head Rachel.