Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Drunk Tales #2: Camping

I think its time for drunk tales #2

This story involves sheep O_o. Me and my then good friends Chris, Sam, Grant.

Chris lived on top of a mountain near an old run down cottage with no roof and crumbling walls. This is the scene for said tale.

It was nearing the end of the summer and we where heading back to school, we where 15 at the time and about to start our 5th and final year together as school buddies.

The drink of choice for someone underage was cider, not the good stuff either that's too expensive. Frosty Jack was more our style. 3 litres for £3.00.

While sober we pitched the tent, gathered firewood from a nearby forest, created a makeshift BBQ for the sausages and burgers we had scored from Chris' mothers freezer and purchased batteries for the actionman torch/radio.

As dusk drew in we lit the fire and proceeded to sit around it, swapping manly stories, talking about girls and all the while getting drunker and drunker(back then it didn't take much).

Then someone had the good idea of going for a drunken walk. So we all headed off up the mountain through the forest eventually coming to a clearing where a load of sheep where grazing.

At this point your thinking "what did you do to the poor sheep" well the answer is not as perverted as what your imagining. Shame on you!

We just sneaked up on them and proceeded to chase them around the "field" until Chris disappeared that is. Unknown to us this field had been used in the past as a testing ground for Army Tanks and as such it was full of deep furrows from where the tracks had churned up the ground. This is where he had falling face 1st into. It took us a good 30mins to hear the drunken screams of "HELP HELP I'VE FALLEN INTO A WELL, I DON'T WANT TO DIE."

In the end the furrows where about 2 feet deep, he just couldn't get out cus he was drunk.

The lesson learnt is don't chase sheep when you're drunk! It's not good for you,its not good for the sheep.

Also if your seen by sober people they will automatically jump to the wrong conclusion.