Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Idiots to a flame

Its been a few days now since a man was wrongfully shot by police in London and what started off as rightful, legal protest has deteriorated into nothing more than a opportunity for some mindless violence.

It's a persons right to protest, about anything they dam well please. They can even write big signs and chant slogans to help. That's comes under the right to freedom of speech. As part of civilised society I am all for that.

Its when things start getting out of hand and certain types of people take advantage of the situation, that's when it starts to infuriate me.

Last time it was students, peacefully protesting the fact that they may have to start paying higher fees for their tertiary education. Then along comes a bunch of non-students thinking "party" and then crowd mentality takes over and one guy throws a brick at a window thinking hes clever and BOOM it all kicks off.

Same this time, one dumbos who probably doesn't even know the victim or why he's even there sets fire to a bin and the next thing you know there's a bloody double-decker blazing and that's catching light to a few buildings.

It's usually the small minority of idiots that ruin the chances of the rightful to have there say via protest.

The fact is there are to many idiots who aren't working and are on the dole, with too much free time. This rioting just attracts them like a moth to a flame.

Then the law have to step in, again civilisation at work. When they try and quell the uprising of fools, said fools see this as a challenge to there authority and fight back. They throw bottles and stones, petrol bombs and kick the shit out of a lone policeman who strays off.

I have no doubt that this will die off just as spontaneously as it started.

Of course the main issue will be dealt with as it would have been without the riots. Its just now there will be a drainage on resources in identifying all those involved in the carnage.

The news will gets its weeks worth of coverage and then a celebrity will die and take the focus off broken Britain once again. Until next time that is.

I fear that this could just be the outward results of a deeper underlying issue. Peoples frustrations steaming from economic downturn.

or something along those lines anyway...


Mynx said...

It really is a terrible situation

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Yeah mindless idiots get drawn into a riot and I hope that many of them are aressted and punshied they need to know they can not get away with doing so much damage......

Rachel said...

The amount of spelling mistakes in this is ridiculous

ThomasMcCool said...

I think Rachel if you look with sober eyes you will realize that you are mistaking. :)

Rachel said...

I r sober!