Thursday, 29 September 2011

Just Photos... #2

I did have a post written for today, but it was written while I was severely pissed off. Not at Kylie or any of the other wwoofers but with the owner of the farm. Lets just say his ego and arrogance know no bounds. It is saved as a draft and may yet get published.

So after calming down, I realized I got nothing to say. So have a photo blog instead. Quick for me, quick for you and in these busy times everyone wins. Enjoy and please comment as always.

Chilling out on one of those massage chairs in a shopping centre. If it wasn't so public, it would be perfect.

One of Kylies pics.  The Cider was her's too.

I rather liked them it. It was greeting us entry into a Jeans shop of all things.

They're mad in Australia. The paint everything.

Would be a great pic if I hadn't of got my shadow in there. I think a Hermit crab was in there.

Even horses have super-heroes. Masked crusader.

You see it?

Pretty but Jaggy. Bastard. Like a lot of the plants here.

So calm and reflective. This is the creek behind the farm.

This is the creek. again.

Spider-man Approves!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Horses,a German and the moon.

1st things 1st,
I am on my 2nd day at the farm and even though I was only just shown how to look after the horses, the owner Craig has asked me to teach the new WWOOFER the ropes. WTF I've still got a few yards of that rope left to learn myself but I am sure between the 2 of us we will suss it out.

One of the horses called Dex is a colt and his balls have just dropped. This makes him essentially a teenager now and by christ don't I know it. As I was leading him to the paddock I removed his halter a bit to early and he ceased this opportunity to do an about turn and head back to his stable. Dammed if I could control the bugger, one of the nice ladies who tend to their own horses helped me out. 
Hand to the nose, other on the chest and push back. Invaluable. So learning all the time. I guess this would work for an angry girlfriend. O.o (don't tell her I said that)
Now for the 2nd thing.

Dribble is having a little giveaway with some of her fantastic artwork as the prizes. She has asked for whomever is interested to post some of their own art on their blog as entry into the comp. So here you are Mrs, have a gander.

Inspired by one of Kylies creations. She has become something of a super-doodler the last few weeks. Crayola pencils, sketch pad, the works. 

I however have used a programme called to do this one. Kind of  MS Paint with a few extra features like layers and different brushes etc etc.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Good news/ Bad News Situation.

1st the good news.

I've said before how I was supposed to be moving to a Horse adjistment property and then I said it again in case you lot where not listening. Well now I can report that I've actually gone and moved up to the place.

It's about 15km outside Townsville, situated in a Vally with lots of trees and dust.

I've been training for the last 3 days on how to look after 10+ horses,30+ chickens, a goat, dog, cat and some fish. My mentor in this production of animal farm has been Fay. She is one of the original OzIntro crew we met in Sydney way back at the start of June and now someone I would consider a good friend.

She has spent the last 7 weeks at this particular farm and it came time to move on, and so I got to replace her.

3 days may not seem a lot, but Fay had gotten the whole system down to a fine art, I merely followed her lead, took notes, asked lots of questions and jumped in at the deep end.

I've committed to 4 weeks minimum and depending on how I feel at the end of these 4 weeks I may stay on for a few more.

Now for the not so good news.

Kylie isn't here with me... :(

You see last week she was told that the cleaning she has been doing in the hostel may count towards her 2nd year visa. The manager still has to check with the owners and get back to her. So she decided that if it does she is going to stay at the hostel and finish out the 88 days required for the 2nd year visa to be granted.

Sucks for me, really sucks. In fact I may have gotten in a strop when she told me what was happening, I didn't speak to her for the rest of the nite. We have spent pretty much the last 3 months together and I've loved every minute and just didn't want it to come to an abrupt halt.

But I can't be selfish, she has worked her arse off in that place and deserves it.

I guess a few weeks living apart may be a good thing in the long run. Absence makes the heart grow fonder etc etc.

So there you go, the big news of the week.

There is a french couple already working here, zer inglish ees nit soooo god but we seem to be communicating okay-ish. Then apparently there is a German girl coming up on Friday/today for 2 weeks, and I have a feeling that its a girl I know from the hostel, well when i say know I mean never ever spoke to before and she has been there 5 weeks. So Awk-Ward.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Such as Life.

I have come out onto the balcony for a little peace and quite to compose my blog but I've ended up sitting here chatting to a French guy who has become disillusioned in the whole backpacking experience. It seems that he has had some bad experiences one after another and this has left him a little sour.

He tells me he is going to Cairns tomorrow and then gonna find a flight to China. I've been reading between the lines and it seems its all down to money. He said that all the Australians care about is where they can get there next buck from and that they like to bleed backpackers dry.

To an extent I agree with him. For many Australians, backpackers are there main source of income. Whether its through tours, hostels, or some guy who sells "Aussie souvenirs" from a stall at a night market.

But then this is what the backpacker experience is, I knew full well that doing the traveller thing, any savings that I had would be getting spent on such things. Perhaps I wasn't fully aware of how expensive it was going to be but none the less I knew.

I guess that everyones experience will be different, so far mine has been fairly pleasant. Maybe because I've had someone to travel with. This guy has been travelling alone, maybe he should have had a travel buddy. Hell, not everyone needs one, there are lone wolves out there but I think he did.

Jeese, I just came out here to write about the books I've been reading and ended up playing agony aunt.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Airlie Beach Road Trip

As I'm feeling lazy this will be a photo blog. We left on sat morning and arrived back home on sun evening. All I can say is fun fun fun.

Kylie, the morning hat thief.

Typical road trip shot from the window

Morning Me!

again with window reflection this time.

Our driver Shannon, who won her licence in a raffle O.o

Thumbs up for Hammocks! Seriously everyone should have one.

Awe! That's lovely. FYI ignore the 2 in the background, nothing to do with us.

I love to climb trees and this time I had a friend.

Airlie Beach doesn't have an actual beach. Well none that I seen but it does have an awesome lagoon.

The farmers where burning sugar cane and that made for an awesome sunset.

This is Joe, he thinks he's a cowboy. Hat, Glasses & Stubble. Just needs a horse now.

So this is my weekend in picture book format. They say pictures speak a thousand words, then I've just mumbled on for about half a books worth.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

A limerick from an Irish man...

There was once a Leprahaun called Jack
And he smoked quite alot of Crack
To the point he went blind 
then lost his mind
and couldn't make his way back.

Don't ask. Sometimes when I'm trying to sleep shit like this just pops into my head. Usually I don't remember them but this one stuck around.

It's usually when I've had to much coffee or sugar and my brains buzzing Ach Be'jesus

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I've started this in the hope that some inspiratation hits me.

Maybe not the best way to write a blog but I wanted to try a new approach as I usually have something half planned in my head...

I guess it'll be a ramblethon then. Have a look there might be something you like.

I was supposed to head up to the farm this week with Kylie to follow shortly but thats not happening, well for now at least.

I was supposed to go up on Wed and have a talk with the owner, set downs the rules so to speak but of course I won that draw for the quad biking and never went up. In fact I forgot to phone him and let him know that I was wasn't coming and I think that pissed him off slightly.

That's not the reason where not going up though, He's off to Sydney for a 2 week holiday and he didn't want us working there unsupervised. He's very anal about everything, it has to be done his way or not at all. He takes great pleasure in instructing you on how to do the job.

I have taken on the role of caretaker at the hostel on the weekends. No big deal, just close the doors at nite, turn off lights, make sure the tv is not to loud etc etc. Then everyone gets drunk on sat night and fucks everything right up.

Loud music, indoor footy, drunks in the pool and general mayhem. I am supposed to be the voice of reason after 9pm but thats next to impossible when everyone is smashed. At one point I had to stop 2 drunkards from drawing all over a passed out drunkard but between the time I was told what they were doing and the time I got out of bed I was to late. The guy had been penned, had shoes and tea towels as decorations, a pizza box for company and cigarette filters stuck up his nostrils.

So of course the next morning the manager was pissed off at me because apparently its my job to babysit drunk backpackers.

There's plans in the works for a road trip to Airlie Beach on the weekend, so no effing Caretaking for me.


Apparently my new haircut makes me look like Puck from Glee. 1st of all, what the fuck is a puck? and secondly I didn't ask for the haircut. I just sat down and told the barber to do what he wanted. I think he likes Glee.

This hostel I'm in makes me feel like im back in high school. There's romances blossoming, sex crazed couples, fights, bitching and even the odd underage smoker. Well actually no underage smoking, but all the rest are true. I'm trying to stay out of it but its hard to, especially as I become friends with some off those involved.

Phew that felt good. bye now.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Beast of a Day!

On Monday afternoon I entered a prize draw, On Tuesday I won the prize and on Wednesday morning I went Quad Biking.

The prize was worth $145 and was given to 4 people from my hostel. Hervey Range Quad Bike Tours where doing a bit of marketing and stumped up 4 free places. Of course the manager took one and done a draw for the rest.

After an initial warm up we headed off through the mountains and what an experience. Up and down some very steep hills avoiding pot holes and sheer drops as we went along, getting bogged in mud and having to dig, push or lift our way and out. Of course I got myself bogged and thus got overtaken. All the while remembering not to crash into the person in front.

There where some old train tunnels that we ventured into and what a surreal feeling that was. Driving along in near pitch black, sounds of 10 engines and horns reverberating off the walls with 100,000 bats darting about your head. Not sure if your about to be attacked or not all the while remembering not to crash into the dam person in front. All I could think was am in a real Bat-Cave on my Bat-Quad.

This is where the Tour came to an abrupt halt. The person in front of me (an Irish fellow of all things) was busy taking photos of the bats while at the same time driving the quad standing up. Obviously these 3 things required all of his attention and he failed to notice the very large pothole that he subsequently crashed into. At 1st I thought he had just smacked his balls on the handle bars but it became apparent very quickly that it was more than that.

He could barely walk but made it to the guide up front just in time before going into shock. We didn't know for sure what he had done to himself but it seemed he had torn a groin muscle and he was in a hell of a lot of pain.

We where in a place with no phone signal, so one of the guys in our group had to rush off down the mountain to call an ambulance. After 40 mins the paramedics eventually made it up to where we had stopped, where by this stage the poor guy was in a heap on the ground unable to move. Morphine was administered and when this kicked in he was able to get onto a quad and be ushered out. I was kinda hoping for a Rescue Chopper, I wanted some awesome photos dammit.

With that situation dealt with and an hour cut out of the tour we all headed back the way we came without the guide who had went with the paramedic.

It was like being in class at school with no teacher, Mayhem (read fun).

The next hour was spent racing around a dirt track we came across, doing donuts and drag races.

So what an adventure that was and all it cost me was $2.50, the price of a bottle of water.

The guy who crashed was also the guy who overtook me when I got bogged just before we entered the tunnel. Makes you think.

The Hervey Range Tea House is apparently the oldest surviving building in Queensland and the most unlikely of places in all of the world where I would come across a rare delicacy I've wanted to try for years. A $50 cup of coffee made from beans that a civet cat eats, digests and poops out. Apparently Prince Charles is fond of it.