Saturday, 24 September 2011

Horses,a German and the moon.

1st things 1st,
I am on my 2nd day at the farm and even though I was only just shown how to look after the horses, the owner Craig has asked me to teach the new WWOOFER the ropes. WTF I've still got a few yards of that rope left to learn myself but I am sure between the 2 of us we will suss it out.

One of the horses called Dex is a colt and his balls have just dropped. This makes him essentially a teenager now and by christ don't I know it. As I was leading him to the paddock I removed his halter a bit to early and he ceased this opportunity to do an about turn and head back to his stable. Dammed if I could control the bugger, one of the nice ladies who tend to their own horses helped me out. 
Hand to the nose, other on the chest and push back. Invaluable. So learning all the time. I guess this would work for an angry girlfriend. O.o (don't tell her I said that)
Now for the 2nd thing.

Dribble is having a little giveaway with some of her fantastic artwork as the prizes. She has asked for whomever is interested to post some of their own art on their blog as entry into the comp. So here you are Mrs, have a gander.

Inspired by one of Kylies creations. She has become something of a super-doodler the last few weeks. Crayola pencils, sketch pad, the works. 

I however have used a programme called to do this one. Kind of  MS Paint with a few extra features like layers and different brushes etc etc.


Mynx said...

This looks really awesome. Thank you so much for entering my giveaway and I have given you a plug on today's post.

Horses scare me so I dont envy you having to deal with them. I have enough trouble with teenage humans

lyndylou said...

That pic is pretty damn cool.