Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Airlie Beach Road Trip

As I'm feeling lazy this will be a photo blog. We left on sat morning and arrived back home on sun evening. All I can say is fun fun fun.

Kylie, the morning hat thief.

Typical road trip shot from the window

Morning Me!

again with window reflection this time.

Our driver Shannon, who won her licence in a raffle O.o

Thumbs up for Hammocks! Seriously everyone should have one.

Awe! That's lovely. FYI ignore the 2 in the background, nothing to do with us.

I love to climb trees and this time I had a friend.

Airlie Beach doesn't have an actual beach. Well none that I seen but it does have an awesome lagoon.

The farmers where burning sugar cane and that made for an awesome sunset.

This is Joe, he thinks he's a cowboy. Hat, Glasses & Stubble. Just needs a horse now.

So this is my weekend in picture book format. They say pictures speak a thousand words, then I've just mumbled on for about half a books worth.


Kylie Gilchrist said...

Awesome weekend...Joe looks like the town sheriff...lol xx

Darren said...

Your weekend looked good, the past few days here has been terrible, some sort of Hurricane... :-(

ThomasMcCool said...

Haha Darren, thats the tail end of Katia. I only know did Kylie has been keeping apprised of all the hurricanes. Her family have been in the middle of it all over in New Jersey/New York.

Darren said...

It sucks I want a holiday, lol soon...