Wednesday, 7 September 2011


I've started this in the hope that some inspiratation hits me.

Maybe not the best way to write a blog but I wanted to try a new approach as I usually have something half planned in my head...

I guess it'll be a ramblethon then. Have a look there might be something you like.

I was supposed to head up to the farm this week with Kylie to follow shortly but thats not happening, well for now at least.

I was supposed to go up on Wed and have a talk with the owner, set downs the rules so to speak but of course I won that draw for the quad biking and never went up. In fact I forgot to phone him and let him know that I was wasn't coming and I think that pissed him off slightly.

That's not the reason where not going up though, He's off to Sydney for a 2 week holiday and he didn't want us working there unsupervised. He's very anal about everything, it has to be done his way or not at all. He takes great pleasure in instructing you on how to do the job.

I have taken on the role of caretaker at the hostel on the weekends. No big deal, just close the doors at nite, turn off lights, make sure the tv is not to loud etc etc. Then everyone gets drunk on sat night and fucks everything right up.

Loud music, indoor footy, drunks in the pool and general mayhem. I am supposed to be the voice of reason after 9pm but thats next to impossible when everyone is smashed. At one point I had to stop 2 drunkards from drawing all over a passed out drunkard but between the time I was told what they were doing and the time I got out of bed I was to late. The guy had been penned, had shoes and tea towels as decorations, a pizza box for company and cigarette filters stuck up his nostrils.

So of course the next morning the manager was pissed off at me because apparently its my job to babysit drunk backpackers.

There's plans in the works for a road trip to Airlie Beach on the weekend, so no effing Caretaking for me.


Apparently my new haircut makes me look like Puck from Glee. 1st of all, what the fuck is a puck? and secondly I didn't ask for the haircut. I just sat down and told the barber to do what he wanted. I think he likes Glee.

This hostel I'm in makes me feel like im back in high school. There's romances blossoming, sex crazed couples, fights, bitching and even the odd underage smoker. Well actually no underage smoking, but all the rest are true. I'm trying to stay out of it but its hard to, especially as I become friends with some off those involved.

Phew that felt good. bye now.


Mynx said...

I often blog like that and then when the words start rolling I cant find a way to stop lol

Shame about the farm job. How much longer are you guys staying up north?