Thursday, 1 September 2011

Beast of a Day!

On Monday afternoon I entered a prize draw, On Tuesday I won the prize and on Wednesday morning I went Quad Biking.

The prize was worth $145 and was given to 4 people from my hostel. Hervey Range Quad Bike Tours where doing a bit of marketing and stumped up 4 free places. Of course the manager took one and done a draw for the rest.

After an initial warm up we headed off through the mountains and what an experience. Up and down some very steep hills avoiding pot holes and sheer drops as we went along, getting bogged in mud and having to dig, push or lift our way and out. Of course I got myself bogged and thus got overtaken. All the while remembering not to crash into the person in front.

There where some old train tunnels that we ventured into and what a surreal feeling that was. Driving along in near pitch black, sounds of 10 engines and horns reverberating off the walls with 100,000 bats darting about your head. Not sure if your about to be attacked or not all the while remembering not to crash into the dam person in front. All I could think was am in a real Bat-Cave on my Bat-Quad.

This is where the Tour came to an abrupt halt. The person in front of me (an Irish fellow of all things) was busy taking photos of the bats while at the same time driving the quad standing up. Obviously these 3 things required all of his attention and he failed to notice the very large pothole that he subsequently crashed into. At 1st I thought he had just smacked his balls on the handle bars but it became apparent very quickly that it was more than that.

He could barely walk but made it to the guide up front just in time before going into shock. We didn't know for sure what he had done to himself but it seemed he had torn a groin muscle and he was in a hell of a lot of pain.

We where in a place with no phone signal, so one of the guys in our group had to rush off down the mountain to call an ambulance. After 40 mins the paramedics eventually made it up to where we had stopped, where by this stage the poor guy was in a heap on the ground unable to move. Morphine was administered and when this kicked in he was able to get onto a quad and be ushered out. I was kinda hoping for a Rescue Chopper, I wanted some awesome photos dammit.

With that situation dealt with and an hour cut out of the tour we all headed back the way we came without the guide who had went with the paramedic.

It was like being in class at school with no teacher, Mayhem (read fun).

The next hour was spent racing around a dirt track we came across, doing donuts and drag races.

So what an adventure that was and all it cost me was $2.50, the price of a bottle of water.

The guy who crashed was also the guy who overtook me when I got bogged just before we entered the tunnel. Makes you think.

The Hervey Range Tea House is apparently the oldest surviving building in Queensland and the most unlikely of places in all of the world where I would come across a rare delicacy I've wanted to try for years. A $50 cup of coffee made from beans that a civet cat eats, digests and poops out. Apparently Prince Charles is fond of it.


Darren said...

How was the Coffee, as a fairly new coffee drinker (1 - 2 years) I am intrigued, I've seen it before on Firebox...

Rachel said...

You had the poop coffee?

Did you see the poop? Or just drink the coffee? Did it taste o shit?