Thursday, 29 September 2011

Just Photos... #2

I did have a post written for today, but it was written while I was severely pissed off. Not at Kylie or any of the other wwoofers but with the owner of the farm. Lets just say his ego and arrogance know no bounds. It is saved as a draft and may yet get published.

So after calming down, I realized I got nothing to say. So have a photo blog instead. Quick for me, quick for you and in these busy times everyone wins. Enjoy and please comment as always.

Chilling out on one of those massage chairs in a shopping centre. If it wasn't so public, it would be perfect.

One of Kylies pics.  The Cider was her's too.

I rather liked them it. It was greeting us entry into a Jeans shop of all things.

They're mad in Australia. The paint everything.

Would be a great pic if I hadn't of got my shadow in there. I think a Hermit crab was in there.

Even horses have super-heroes. Masked crusader.

You see it?

Pretty but Jaggy. Bastard. Like a lot of the plants here.

So calm and reflective. This is the creek behind the farm.

This is the creek. again.

Spider-man Approves!


Mynx said...

Love the mural (but you knew I would) and I see a wallaby. Very cute. You know, I have never tied one of those massage chairs

ThomasMcCool said...

That's exactly what I thought when I was choosing pics to upload. Who would like this picture? I know, Mynx.

I can't recall if you have drawn any dragon fly pictures. Perhaps you can link me to one or better still sketch one up. Just a request.:)

Mynx said...

ahhhh, now I know what the comment was about lol. Crazy Irishman confusing me lol