Monday, 19 September 2011

Such as Life.

I have come out onto the balcony for a little peace and quite to compose my blog but I've ended up sitting here chatting to a French guy who has become disillusioned in the whole backpacking experience. It seems that he has had some bad experiences one after another and this has left him a little sour.

He tells me he is going to Cairns tomorrow and then gonna find a flight to China. I've been reading between the lines and it seems its all down to money. He said that all the Australians care about is where they can get there next buck from and that they like to bleed backpackers dry.

To an extent I agree with him. For many Australians, backpackers are there main source of income. Whether its through tours, hostels, or some guy who sells "Aussie souvenirs" from a stall at a night market.

But then this is what the backpacker experience is, I knew full well that doing the traveller thing, any savings that I had would be getting spent on such things. Perhaps I wasn't fully aware of how expensive it was going to be but none the less I knew.

I guess that everyones experience will be different, so far mine has been fairly pleasant. Maybe because I've had someone to travel with. This guy has been travelling alone, maybe he should have had a travel buddy. Hell, not everyone needs one, there are lone wolves out there but I think he did.

Jeese, I just came out here to write about the books I've been reading and ended up playing agony aunt.


Mynx said...

I agree, tourism is a big market. Many people see tourists (not just backpackers) as their main source of income, especially in places like FNQ.
It isn't just here though. It is anywhere in the world you travel.
I'm sorry he didn't have the experience he was hoping for and I am glad you are.