Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween :)

Halloween for me last year was a 3 day event and very much fun. It happened about a month before I started this blogging malarky, so here's some stuff from last year.

My sister Rachel is petrified by these. This was for her...hehe
29th was pumpkin carving and I took my 2 sisters into town to see a group of fire performers called Firepoise.

Then Kylie and I dressed up for a Halloween House Party on the 30th. I was a dead monk, Kylie was a Witch. I even got my dog into the spirit (haha Halloween pun).

That's our friend Jack Skeleton. He has his own FB profile.
Grrrr..... Jingle Jingle Jingle
Then on actual Halloween we went to Londonderry City to watch the fireworks. They have the biggest Halloween street party in Europe, apparently. We avoided the street festival due to the fact noise and hangovers don't mix terribly well.

Phone Camera pic, so excuse the quality.
This year will not be celebrated by us  :( It seems it isn't a big deal over here that and the fact it would cost to much $ to get a costume and go out for the night. If we did we would prob be the the only ones dressed up.

Although I do have my imagination at my disposal and it tends to act up this time of year. How about this for a senario.

I could go out to the stables tonite and pretend the Horses have become Zombie horses and they have a taste for human blood, all the while trying to save the Germans from being eating by a vampire Clown.  I would of course have to battle my way through his army of Frankensteinesque Wallaby's 1st. Eventually it would become so overwhelming and I'd have to call on the spirits of the night to possess me and give me the strength to carry on in the fight. This all would play out to Bobby Picketts Monster Mash.

or I could watch Ghostbusters 2 and eat a bag of chippys.


Sunday, 30 October 2011

Women are Bitches.

That title got your attention didn't it.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think this way about all women, just a select few in certain circumstances.

Specifically for this post am talking about the women who have horses at these stables.

Where I worked back home, I was one of 2 men who worked with 12 other women, and while there was a few incidents the overall atmosphere was one of harmony and that's how it was for the 3 years I was there.

I been here for 5 weeks and I have come damn close to breaking up a few cat fights.

It seems as it is in the wild, It starts mostly about territory. One woman will walk through anothers stable as a short-cut. They really don't like this. They get a sternly written sign, saying no entry.

Then moves on to the maternal thing. One persons horse will kick another persons horse and they don't like this. They don't seem to grasp the fact that horses are animals and will do their own territorial thing to set the pecking order. They then get there horses moved into a different paddock.

Then comes the possession thing. It seems that some less than honest person is helping themselves to other peoples horse feed and hay. No-one is quite sure who is doing it and this is causing suspision among friends acquaintances, adding to the already rampant bitchiness.

I don't really give a toss to be honest, these are just observations that I have made and has given me a topic for a post.

If and when it starts to affect me and it most probably will. That's when I'll start to really care.

I imagine it'll go something like this

Pissed off female 1: Mr stable hand guy, that girls horse just bit my horse and she wont say sorry.
Pissed off female 2: Well her horse started it.
POF1: It did not.
POF2: It did you lying Bitch

ensue of cat fight....

Me: *running away... I ain't getting involved. Bitches be crazy. (According to Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory anyways)

Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Mish-mash blog

I've hit some kind of wall, there isn't much blog-worthy news to report.

I did get yelled at a few weeks ago (No, not by Kylie) by a seemingly normal member of the public. We both came to the same conclusion in that she suffered Tourettes syndrome, due to the fact when she seen us she closed her mouth shut tight, looked away and speed up her walking.

Her efforts where in vain though because as she reached my side, she shouted out "Big stupid dummy head". I guess it could have been a lot more x-rated than it was and Hell, probably funnier too.

We have set a preliminary date for leaving Townsville, 24th November. I have a feeling it's going to be hard to pull Kylie away from her job. She loves that place, everyone makes her feel welcome and it shows, because we where in there the other day and one of her co-workers came over, hugs her and walks off without missing a beat in her step.

It can be an easy trap to fall into I guess, getting too comfortable in one spot but we're here to "see" Australia, most if not all of it and I have seen enough of T/ville.

Things I've come to realize as of late...

Automatic cars are for lazy people... I liked it.

Horse owners can be bitchy as hell towards each other (possible blog entry)

Never underestimate the power a cuddle can have on my well being.

A vegetable only diet is bad for the o-zone layer.

German Kaiserschmarrn is very nice, it's a sweet pancake batter that gets all mish-mashed up and is eaten with cinnamon sugar, honey or Nutella. It translates as Emperor Mish-mash. Next up I have been promised Banana bread a la Deutschland.

Good bye for now, I spose

Friday, 14 October 2011


He wrote this when he

I'll admit it, I haven't read a lot of them in my life. It didn't really pique my interest as a kid/teenager. The 1st book I remember reading all the way through is Dan Browns Angels and daemons. That was back in 2006 when I was 20 and bored at my 1st year of uni. Yup! see, late starter.

I like fantasy books ( Dragons, dwarves and elves etc not the fantasy book mums read! Bleugghh!) It dosen't mean I don't read other genres but i tend towards ones that can get me out of my mind for a while.

None more so that Christopher Paolini's Empire Saga. You seen that awful movie Eragon? Well thats based on the 1st of 4 novels. It goes Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr and then Empire.

Emipre hasn't been released yet. Due out on Nov. 16th and I am chomping at the bit to bring the whole arc to its conclusion.

If it costs me my last $30 am geting it.

And no, because I know you're asking it, I am not a pothead.(unlike my sister *rolls eyes*) Don't get me wrong the Harry Potter movies where awesome but I've never sat down and read any of them. Don't know why, just haven't. Maybe I will some day.

Besides the stuff you have to read for school, like Shakespeare! I haven't read much.

Another genre that I like is Auto/Biographies of rock stars. Those b*st*rds are crazy!

So If any of the 12 readers of this blog have any suggestions of books that I might like am all ears.

P.S. the only memory off a book...well 2 actually, I have from when I was a kid are these. Anyone else remember them?

He was very hungry, wasn't he.

I remember he stole a tin of beans and an old ladies straw hat (Kylie Beware!). Ahh! Simpler times.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Couple o' tings ta say.

The french couple are leaving the farm!

I've only gotten to know them. Took all my Irish crazyness Charm just to get through to them. Their English is not so good, so others in the house have avoided talking to them. Not me, with a mixture of speaking slowly, hand gestures, patience. flag signals and an app that translates french we created a means of communication.

Then the German tells me shes going as well. They all leave tomorrow and this'll leave me alone with the psycho farm owner. Not only that, when new wWoofers do come am gonna have to break them in. Don't know if I could be bothered.

Other news;

I didn't win anything from Dribbles Art 4 Art competition/draw thingy but am not too bummed out. I don't think I could cart a priceless piece of art all over Australia with me anyways.

It seems that my thoughts about leaving the farm at the end of October have to change, Kylie is insistent that we stay in Townsville till the end of November. We have a wedding in Brisbane to attend on 17th December and 6 weeks travelling from Townsville to Brissy (am saying that right, aren't I ?) is too long.

ZOMG! Heat. A popular Irish comedian(Dara O'Briain) once said " the melting point of an Irishman is 31ºc, well I'm proof that he was wrong, It is now 33ºc. Either he's wrong or am not Irish. Mmmm....

Well, not much else to babble about. Bye!