Sunday, 9 October 2011

Couple o' tings ta say.

The french couple are leaving the farm!

I've only gotten to know them. Took all my Irish crazyness Charm just to get through to them. Their English is not so good, so others in the house have avoided talking to them. Not me, with a mixture of speaking slowly, hand gestures, patience. flag signals and an app that translates french we created a means of communication.

Then the German tells me shes going as well. They all leave tomorrow and this'll leave me alone with the psycho farm owner. Not only that, when new wWoofers do come am gonna have to break them in. Don't know if I could be bothered.

Other news;

I didn't win anything from Dribbles Art 4 Art competition/draw thingy but am not too bummed out. I don't think I could cart a priceless piece of art all over Australia with me anyways.

It seems that my thoughts about leaving the farm at the end of October have to change, Kylie is insistent that we stay in Townsville till the end of November. We have a wedding in Brisbane to attend on 17th December and 6 weeks travelling from Townsville to Brissy (am saying that right, aren't I ?) is too long.

ZOMG! Heat. A popular Irish comedian(Dara O'Briain) once said " the melting point of an Irishman is 31ºc, well I'm proof that he was wrong, It is now 33ºc. Either he's wrong or am not Irish. Mmmm....

Well, not much else to babble about. Bye!


Mynx said...

im sorry you didnt win but even if you had, I am not sure you could consider my art "priceless" more likely interchangable with your average beer coaster lol

We could use some of that warm weather down here. Sick of feeling cold.

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Not everyone can win stuff even if we are dissapointed when we don't win as I often say such is life......