Friday, 14 October 2011


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I'll admit it, I haven't read a lot of them in my life. It didn't really pique my interest as a kid/teenager. The 1st book I remember reading all the way through is Dan Browns Angels and daemons. That was back in 2006 when I was 20 and bored at my 1st year of uni. Yup! see, late starter.

I like fantasy books ( Dragons, dwarves and elves etc not the fantasy book mums read! Bleugghh!) It dosen't mean I don't read other genres but i tend towards ones that can get me out of my mind for a while.

None more so that Christopher Paolini's Empire Saga. You seen that awful movie Eragon? Well thats based on the 1st of 4 novels. It goes Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr and then Empire.

Emipre hasn't been released yet. Due out on Nov. 16th and I am chomping at the bit to bring the whole arc to its conclusion.

If it costs me my last $30 am geting it.

And no, because I know you're asking it, I am not a pothead.(unlike my sister *rolls eyes*) Don't get me wrong the Harry Potter movies where awesome but I've never sat down and read any of them. Don't know why, just haven't. Maybe I will some day.

Besides the stuff you have to read for school, like Shakespeare! I haven't read much.

Another genre that I like is Auto/Biographies of rock stars. Those b*st*rds are crazy!

So If any of the 12 readers of this blog have any suggestions of books that I might like am all ears.

P.S. the only memory off a book...well 2 actually, I have from when I was a kid are these. Anyone else remember them?

He was very hungry, wasn't he.

I remember he stole a tin of beans and an old ladies straw hat (Kylie Beware!). Ahh! Simpler times.


Mynx said...

Love the Eragon series. Also waiting for the next book.
I have read all the Harry Potter books and they are much better than the movies.
My son (who is also a huge fantasy fan) is a big fan of Matthew Reilly as an author. His books are more adventure than fantasy.
(my captcha is 'demon'. how funky is that lol)

Rachel said...

Part of my class today was to listen to a girl reading us the Hungry Caterpillar like she would to a group of kids. It was awesome! And stop making fun of me for liking HP, have you seen the picture of my room yet? It's completely Pottered.

I know tou liked Inheritance, so maybe try read some of the Garth Nix novels. I told Alex to read them and he enjoyed them.

My captcha was appillyp - not exciting

Darren said...

We are a big fan of the potter novels but I've read them once and that was enough (for now). I like you have not read many books, I actually have the first 2 Eragon books but have never read them...maybe I should...I'm a big fan of anything Stephen King, currently working though his Dark Tower series which is huge and epic, worth looking up not sure if it has dragons though...Gary reads a lot of fantasy books, that have magic and the like in them...they always sound good too...and I would love to read more but i Get bored/distracted very

ThomasMcCool said...

funnily enough Darren, I was thinking about starting the Dark Tower books, only because I heard they are making a movie that will lead into a tv show.

Them or possibly some books by an author called George R.R Martin.

Decisions, decisions