Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween :)

Halloween for me last year was a 3 day event and very much fun. It happened about a month before I started this blogging malarky, so here's some stuff from last year.

My sister Rachel is petrified by these. This was for her...hehe
29th was pumpkin carving and I took my 2 sisters into town to see a group of fire performers called Firepoise.

Then Kylie and I dressed up for a Halloween House Party on the 30th. I was a dead monk, Kylie was a Witch. I even got my dog into the spirit (haha Halloween pun).

That's our friend Jack Skeleton. He has his own FB profile.
Grrrr..... Jingle Jingle Jingle
Then on actual Halloween we went to Londonderry City to watch the fireworks. They have the biggest Halloween street party in Europe, apparently. We avoided the street festival due to the fact noise and hangovers don't mix terribly well.

Phone Camera pic, so excuse the quality.
This year will not be celebrated by us  :( It seems it isn't a big deal over here that and the fact it would cost to much $ to get a costume and go out for the night. If we did we would prob be the the only ones dressed up.

Although I do have my imagination at my disposal and it tends to act up this time of year. How about this for a senario.

I could go out to the stables tonite and pretend the Horses have become Zombie horses and they have a taste for human blood, all the while trying to save the Germans from being eating by a vampire Clown.  I would of course have to battle my way through his army of Frankensteinesque Wallaby's 1st. Eventually it would become so overwhelming and I'd have to call on the spirits of the night to possess me and give me the strength to carry on in the fight. This all would play out to Bobby Picketts Monster Mash.

or I could watch Ghostbusters 2 and eat a bag of chippys.



Rachel said...

Damn pumpykin scared me. I miss halloween. I have no cash for a costume, so I'm stuck inside and I wanna dress up!!!!