Thursday, 27 October 2011

A Mish-mash blog

I've hit some kind of wall, there isn't much blog-worthy news to report.

I did get yelled at a few weeks ago (No, not by Kylie) by a seemingly normal member of the public. We both came to the same conclusion in that she suffered Tourettes syndrome, due to the fact when she seen us she closed her mouth shut tight, looked away and speed up her walking.

Her efforts where in vain though because as she reached my side, she shouted out "Big stupid dummy head". I guess it could have been a lot more x-rated than it was and Hell, probably funnier too.

We have set a preliminary date for leaving Townsville, 24th November. I have a feeling it's going to be hard to pull Kylie away from her job. She loves that place, everyone makes her feel welcome and it shows, because we where in there the other day and one of her co-workers came over, hugs her and walks off without missing a beat in her step.

It can be an easy trap to fall into I guess, getting too comfortable in one spot but we're here to "see" Australia, most if not all of it and I have seen enough of T/ville.

Things I've come to realize as of late...

Automatic cars are for lazy people... I liked it.

Horse owners can be bitchy as hell towards each other (possible blog entry)

Never underestimate the power a cuddle can have on my well being.

A vegetable only diet is bad for the o-zone layer.

German Kaiserschmarrn is very nice, it's a sweet pancake batter that gets all mish-mashed up and is eaten with cinnamon sugar, honey or Nutella. It translates as Emperor Mish-mash. Next up I have been promised Banana bread a la Deutschland.

Good bye for now, I spose


Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Well Thomas I drive an automatic car does that make me lazy...........
bloody oath it All that gear changing is just so much hard

Darren said...

Automatic's sound great, although that German Kaiserschmarrn thingy sounds great...How long have you's been settled there for...

ThomasMcCool said...

@Jo-Anne, While I agree that manuals are a lot more work, they give me the feeling of better control. Auto's are good for around the town when there are traffic lights every 200 bloody metres.

@Darren, Emperor mish-mash is awesome, specially when it has been made by an actual German.

We have been in Townsville since the end of June and I am so over it. I wanna be a backpacker again.