Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The end is nigh!

Last few days on the farm, leaving on Thursday afternoon.

Burnt the shit out of my neck today, my own fault. Am just to lazy to apply sunscreen. We have been digging a trench for some electric cables to pass through and I swear the ground is as hard as Diamonds, shame I didn't find any.

Mostly packed and actually chomping at the bit to get out of here, pardon the horse related metaphor. I can't help it.

That's my 88days regional work out of the way now. So come April/May I can apply for my 2nd year visa. Well actually it works out as 91 days but who's counting.

Trench digging gives me a massive appetite. I managed to pack away a chicken breast, 3 hotdogs and a heaped plate of salad last nite :O and a few hours later I got the munchies and had some toast.

I gotta do a few hours work tomorrow, but believe me, my heart won't be in it. I'll get breakie and lunch here and am gonna fill me belly. Then am prob gonna go around the property tomorrow and take a few snaps, say good bye to the horses, chickens, cat and dog. Not the goat tho, he's a dirty perverted little thing. He likes to lick his weiner, especially when there are people watching him, then he looks up and gives a smile. No joke, he actually smiles.

Must go and do a bit more packing. My mother is phoning me tonite again too, this is becoming a bit of a habit :P

Thursday, 24 November 2011

I'm constipated. I'm going back to bed.

NO, not me. Craig (farm owner). These are the only words that he spoke to me on Tuesday. He indeed did go back to bed...for 2 full days. Apparently it's because he drank too much coffee but I thought coffee helped the flow. Maybe am wrong.

Anne und Franziska left the farm a few weeks ago. Only to be replaced this week by 2 more Germans. Either Craig has a "thing" for Germans or we are just so over-run by them that other nationalities don't get a look in. Since I've been here (9 weeks tomorrow :O) there have been 5 Germans come and go.

WOW, wait, just wait a minute. 9 weeks...Holy crap! Then if you count the few weeks I did before actually moving to the farm, fuck!

Well, it doesn't really matter anyway, it's all behind me. I'm due to move back to civilization next week. With that fore-knowledge I've been in town trying to get a wee job to tide me over the festive period. (Fingers crossed, might as well do the toes while we are at it)

Just gotta bide my time now then get my time signed off from the boss man and get any wages owed ( some days I worked more that the required 5 hours) I think i'll also take advantage of the facilities and give all my clothes a wash before I pack em' back into the suitcase. Yes I have been living in relative luxury, I've had a wardrobe :)

Another thing I realized last nite, and this is something am not proud of. I haven't spoken to my mother in approx 10 weeks. It has taken a coincidental meeting with Kylie's mum at the supermarket, a past message from her mum to me through Kylie to arrange a wee chat. So 9pm tonite!

I haven't really been avoiding her but the time difference plus me getting early nites means I just haven't .... BAD SON!

Well, gotta go and feed a horse...Oh goody >:|

Friday, 11 November 2011

No drama's *updated*

Simple pleasures in life.

An air conditioner that finally works.

An packet of Anzac biccys.

A complement from the boss man.

A huge horse showing it gentle side.

Playing fetch with the neighbours dog.

Seeing a tree snake for the 1st time.

Chillin out while watching Dexter.

The smell of washed clothes.

Today is a good day. I think it's the sunshine.

*update... I've always held the belief that if you declare it to be good, It'll go wrong. Karma/the universe just decided to make the A/C go *poof*. Not just mine either, the whole house is out off refreshingly cool air. Go figure.*

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

2 posts in 1

New month, new plans.

I was right, I knew it was gonna be hard to pull Kylie away from her work. She doesn't wanna leave, so we are staying in Townsville at least till the end of January.

For me, this means job hunting again, oh how I detest it. I hadn't planned to again until we had gotten to Sydney. I like to work, in fact I prefer it. It's just the whole searching, applying and endless waiting for a yes/no answer. Good news is that the x-mas period has started, so hopefully lots of casual temp positions become available.

I have also been informed that the hostel we have been at, for what seems like forever will be closing its doors to backpackers in favour of 110 Papua New Guinean students. The manager of the place isn't at all happy about it. Mainly because of all the work he has put into building their reputation as a hostel this past year.

That means Hostel hunting and nothing will ever match The Foreign Exchange Hostel. I mean have a look at the place, its like a hotel.

I have extended my stay at the farm for a week. Woopie! When I leave that'll be my 88days regional work done and then some. So that's one less thing to have hanging over my head.

Anne and Franziska, the 2 German woofers who have been here for 4 weeks are leaving today. This means am gonna be doing all the horse/house work again. Dammit. We had been dividing the chores between us but now there all back to me.

There are no replacements on the horizon either.

Change is inevitable I suppose.


Fun.Fun.Fun :)

Kylie scared the Be'jesus out of me on Saturday. Her blood sugar sky rocketed and I got a txt from her saying she might need to go to the doc's. Me being a 20 min drive away didn't help. Fortunately they came down to a safe (ish) level and she went and took a well earned sleep to herself.

We had planned on going to the cinema that night but we put it off to Sunday. I am glad we did. I had the best day Iv'e had in a long while. Close to being perfect in fact.

We went hunting for the IGA shop so she could get a hit of Farmers Union Ice coffee, couldn't find the place. So we went up Castle Hill instead.

Then went to the cinema to see In Time, with Justin Timberlake and Bug Eyes Amanda Sayfried. It was a very smart movie and thought provoking. Afterwards had a pizza and a walk down the strand, where we encountered swings.

and a climbing frame.

We spent a good few hours playing and having a good chat n catch-up. We watched the fishermen, nite swimmers, joggers and dope smoking hippy's.

I think we are gonna go night swimming in the rock pool, it looks like fun and it's so bloody warm say why the hell not.