Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The end is nigh!

Last few days on the farm, leaving on Thursday afternoon.

Burnt the shit out of my neck today, my own fault. Am just to lazy to apply sunscreen. We have been digging a trench for some electric cables to pass through and I swear the ground is as hard as Diamonds, shame I didn't find any.

Mostly packed and actually chomping at the bit to get out of here, pardon the horse related metaphor. I can't help it.

That's my 88days regional work out of the way now. So come April/May I can apply for my 2nd year visa. Well actually it works out as 91 days but who's counting.

Trench digging gives me a massive appetite. I managed to pack away a chicken breast, 3 hotdogs and a heaped plate of salad last nite :O and a few hours later I got the munchies and had some toast.

I gotta do a few hours work tomorrow, but believe me, my heart won't be in it. I'll get breakie and lunch here and am gonna fill me belly. Then am prob gonna go around the property tomorrow and take a few snaps, say good bye to the horses, chickens, cat and dog. Not the goat tho, he's a dirty perverted little thing. He likes to lick his weiner, especially when there are people watching him, then he looks up and gives a smile. No joke, he actually smiles.

Must go and do a bit more packing. My mother is phoning me tonite again too, this is becoming a bit of a habit :P


Rachel said...

She doesn't ring me :(

Mynx said...

Think you need to get back to the big smoke mate, goats don't smile lol