Thursday, 24 November 2011

I'm constipated. I'm going back to bed.

NO, not me. Craig (farm owner). These are the only words that he spoke to me on Tuesday. He indeed did go back to bed...for 2 full days. Apparently it's because he drank too much coffee but I thought coffee helped the flow. Maybe am wrong.

Anne und Franziska left the farm a few weeks ago. Only to be replaced this week by 2 more Germans. Either Craig has a "thing" for Germans or we are just so over-run by them that other nationalities don't get a look in. Since I've been here (9 weeks tomorrow :O) there have been 5 Germans come and go.

WOW, wait, just wait a minute. 9 weeks...Holy crap! Then if you count the few weeks I did before actually moving to the farm, fuck!

Well, it doesn't really matter anyway, it's all behind me. I'm due to move back to civilization next week. With that fore-knowledge I've been in town trying to get a wee job to tide me over the festive period. (Fingers crossed, might as well do the toes while we are at it)

Just gotta bide my time now then get my time signed off from the boss man and get any wages owed ( some days I worked more that the required 5 hours) I think i'll also take advantage of the facilities and give all my clothes a wash before I pack em' back into the suitcase. Yes I have been living in relative luxury, I've had a wardrobe :)

Another thing I realized last nite, and this is something am not proud of. I haven't spoken to my mother in approx 10 weeks. It has taken a coincidental meeting with Kylie's mum at the supermarket, a past message from her mum to me through Kylie to arrange a wee chat. So 9pm tonite!

I haven't really been avoiding her but the time difference plus me getting early nites means I just haven't .... BAD SON!

Well, gotta go and feed a horse...Oh goody >:|


Mynx said...

Oh my goodness time is flying past so quick. When we travelled north a few years back, we met a lot of German tourists. perhaps they are the Europeans with the money to travel

ThomasMcCool said...

So what you're telling me is that they are the best ones to rob. Thanks Mynx..