Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Am going to Australia Mum, why the heck would I need a coat?

Rain. Heavy rain and me without a coat packed but I came up with a solution. Steal Kylies. =)

Yes, I did wear this to the shops and no, it wasn't completely waterproof but heck it did the job till I bought a Poncho, which is essentially the coolest bit of clothing ever.

Phone camera, so excuse the quality. Those white dots are actually pretty little flowers.

X-mas card written, waiting to be sent. I'm sure it wont turn out to be like the post cards I bought in June, filled out in June and found in my suitcase today. I could still send them if it wasn't for the fact that they reference things that happened 6 months ago. I guess I could try to claim that the Aussie post is a tad slow.

In my travels amongst t'interwebs, I've discovered a cool site that can stitch photos together into panoramas, of course the pictures have to be of the same landscape/subject and taken in a steady horizontal motion.

I know you can get applications that do this as well but this site allows you to stitch them together, upload them to their servers and then lets you tag them on google maps so they are searchable to others.

My phone used to do this until I upgraded the version of Andriod from Froyo to Gingerbread and for some stupid reason they took that function away.

So if you want to see what I've snapped so far go to this site. I think this is an excellent idea and hope to get a full album going. I'll try and get some more interesting subjects for future panoramas.

http://www.dermandar.com/user/thomasmccool/ am to lazy to do the Href thingy.

Oh, and yes. I did manage to get up at 8.30 today. Didn't do much but I got up at least. Same tomorrow as well, gotta clean the hostel.

Cheerio for now. Have you noticed that my blog output coincides directly to my boredom level.

I'll leave you with one last thing to watch. Now am not the biggest fan of Star Wars but I like enough to find this hilarious. Enjoy.