Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sleep n' stuff

The last few days have been a big change to what I've been used to for the last 10 weeks.

I've slept in friday, saturday and sunday and it's been fantastic. I am aware that it's all to easy to fall into a familiar trap of staying up late and sleeping in, so i got to keep it in check.

Been back on the old job hunt again, online applications, dropping resumes into business and basically prowloing all the shops in the hope they have a staff wanted sign in the windows.

Of course there's the networking thing, I've gotten a number from a german to do some mango picking which I was supposed to phone tonite but slipped my mind. Oh, well will have to do till tomorrow.

I've also been drafted for some cleaning work in the hostel, this'll pay for my accomadation until I can find payed work.

Theres also a possiblity that the Craig, the guy I did the 10 weeks free woofing work for is gonna go for a holiday with his kids just before x-mas and I think he wants me to house sit for him.

SO lots of potential things happening.

Whatever happens with the work front I have to keep the 17th/18th free as it is Kylies work X-mas party and am her plus one. She of course will be buying a new outfit, where as I will not. No point splashing out on a new shirt and jeans for one nite when it'll prob not get worn again for ages and besides I have a perfectly good dress shirt and jeans with me. It'll just add to my already bulky suitcase as well.

Speaking of which, when I arrived it was a cosy 23kg and now 6 months later am guessing it has risen to about 33kg. Sure I've had a few t-shirts sent over form home and I've bought a few pairs of shorts but hell not in the manner of 10kg. Maybe a dead wallaby is in there. Will have to be investigated and trimmed down for future travelling. It's just not manageable.

Right, I'm off to bed, aiming to get up for 8.30 tomorrow.


Mynx said...

a few days down time after the farm stuff wont hurt.

Hope you get some more work soon

Jo-Anne Rambling said...

Always good to have a couple of days when you can sleep in although I find that when I can sleep in I will still wake up early my internal alarm clock is just set for

Rachel said...

Dont become nocturnal. Although, I suppose if you become nocturnal, it just puts you back to GMT?

also, what is a comhoggi? Cos that's my captcha and I like it