Wednesday, 28 December 2011

X-mas 2011

it has come and gone and like every year am left a little underwhelmed. It's not like i hate X-mas its just it will never meet the expectations like it did when i was a kid. Sure presents are awesome and the big family dinner is fun but I always get depressed and introspective on the 25th. It was made worse this year because am away from home. None of the usual distractions.

Kylie and I didn't exchange gifts as we just didn't think it was reasonable to spend money on something that wasn't needed or wanted and would only add to the suitcase bulk. We did exchange cards and we watched a X-mas movie, the Santa clause(Tim Allen) and we had a steak dinner for X-mas dinner.

Kylie got loads of presents sent over from home, 4 parcels in all. Parents, grandparents and aunties all sent her stuff. I did get presents from her folks and grand-folks as well, some nice t-shirts, something i was in dear need of after the farm.

My mother did send a card but it's been lost to the service that is postal, fucking royal mail, it may have been the 1st postal service in the world but its by far not the best.

My father gave me us money, THANKS POP!, probably kill me for calling him that. Kylie seemed
surprised, confused and happy when I handed her $50 and said this is from my Da, even tho i told her what he was doing.

Boxing day was fun, we went shopping, spending a few hours wandering round a shopping centre and in the end spent nothing. We then went for a wee sleep when we got back as we where heading for a 3 movie marathon at the cinemas. 3 movies back to back from midnight to 6am. We managed 2 and came home. Sherlock Holmes 2 and the Inbetweeners. Didn't stay for Warrior, got to bed around 4.30.

Then we where up again at 11am and back to the shops for more sales. I did spend money this time. Shorts and t-shirts, what else in this heat. I have my eye on a leatherman or possibly a new knife as the one I have with me is blunt. Not that I plan to do any killing, its just handy to have. My granda taught me that. I also need a new backpack, am thinking manbag which will hold my mounting plethora plethora of stuff which I seem to carry. Granda didn't teach me that.

To round of the holidays we have just came back from dinner at the cactus jack restaurant/bar and tbh it was prob the best steak I've had in at least a year. Can someone tell me what Bearnaise sauce is? it is awesome.

Its back to work for Kylie on Thursday and me on Friday. I'll be on duty for new years eve. Kylie is going out I think and I've told her to be down at the bar at 11.50 or else. I am not ringing in the new year without a snog (french kiss to those not in the know).

This is me wishing all my readers a Happy new year. I hope 2012 is a really good one for you as it's supposedly our last. **cough**bullshit**cough**


Mynx said...

I was wondering how you would spend Christmas so far from home. Guessing the weather isn't what you would usually wake up to Christmas day.

Happy New year and I hope you have fun despite having to work.